Rick Sanchez mask from Rick and Morty

by fallerd Oct 31, 2016
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This thing is awesome! Any chance you have an STL for the whole thing in one piece?

I just want to thanks a creator of this mask) Thank you! You are the best!!

None of the layers seem to stick together on the chin- the large curve all the layers pop off one another. I have tried simplify3d and Cura and this happened both times. Is this in infill issue, speed issue? Any ideas? Thank you.

I am looking forward to trying this out, but I am curious if you would be able to produce a Morty in the same design?

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Awesome design man! Any chance you can split it so it can be printed as one piece using MMU2? For instance: Eyes+teeth, pupils+mounth, tongue, hair, face+bald-spot, as separate models but positioned together. Would be schwifty, indeed.

Truly schwifty, sir.

Wabalabadubdub Motherduckers!

whats the trick with the eyes im having under extrusion because of the constant start and stop

Tweak your retraction settings and ensure your PFTE tube is seated all the way into the hotend.

what kind of slicer did you use? almost every stl. i sliced got missing layers.
Tried it with Slic3r and simplify3d.

im having no issues except the eyes with s3d check your settings

Simplify 3d, but it should work with any slicer if you print at 100% scale or greater. The walls are so thin that anything less can quickly result in holes or missed layers.

Is there an estimate of how much filament is needed?

In case it helps someone else: I used just short of 500 grams, with reprinting a couple parts.

About 1 kg including supports, as I recall.

your "note" in the description made me smile. heard it in Rick's voice.

Is there anyway of making the wall thicker?? Cuz everytime i print a piece it ends up cracking or splitting

There is no way for me to make the walls thicker without effectively starting over.

Did you go to Denver Comic Con last year?

Nope, but I've been told these have been sighted at many cons all over the country including Denver.

Please create a morty mask :3

I second this motion to make a morty mask

I would looooooooooove if you create a Morty Mask! :D

How much filament would you say this uses. Ounces or grams or pounds meters?

around 1 pound i think.

I made this, as soon as I put it on my IQ went up 100 points. My IQ is now about 200. Would recommend

Whats up with the full mask STL for those of us with a printer big enough to print it all at once?? Don't hold out like that!! SHADY!!! RICK DON'T APPROVE OF THAT KINDA SHIT!!!

Unfortunately people were violating the terms of the license with the single piece mask, so I no longer offer it.

really thats sucks.

Yea, I wish i could try this is a single piece. I'm having a heck of a time with all the seams and a single print would be so awesome! Trying to make a little rick!

Full 1 piece stl available?

Can you make a Morty mask to go with the Rick

I hope someone will just remix this >> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1492171 with this Rick Mask's eyes and size. It's much easier and faster than making a model from scratch.

Morty Head

I gave it a shot based on the general image. It's my first model so be kind with comments ;-) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3065689

Morty mask

Hey, what program and settings did you use to slice and print? I have a similar printer (Monoprice Select Plus) but am having challenges using Octoprint. I've only printed small items, this is the first foray into something large.

Such an awesome model and thanks for any ideas you might share!

I used simplify3d, I don't think I used any particularly special settings other than using brims (>.5cm or so) on the parts to make them stick to the bed since they're so thin.

Can you tell me what type of paint you used, and maybe brand and color numbers? Thinking of making this myself.

just basic cheapo acrylic paint, old bottles of various brands. I included an image that you can print and bring to a store to get accurate colors, or to use to mix your own. I mixed a few of the colors myself like his skin.

What does the inside measure? How about the hole to insert my head into? I have a big head (a bird ran into it yesterday). I am printing this 10% bigger in hopes it shall fit.

did you print each file seperatly or did you print more than one piece at a time? thanks.

I printed each file separately, however, many files contain more than one piece. Feel free to combine multiple files on one print plate, but I didn't think my printer was reliable enough to do more than what I set up.

Are you planning on selling this? Because I am really interested in one and I am reading in the comments that a lot of people are too. I would make one myself, but I sadly don't have a 3d printer.

Love it, thanks so much!

I'm having issues fitting the larger 'hair left' piece on my Replicator 2x. what program would you suggest for breaking these up into separate components?

I'm working on a maker select mini remix of this, I'm printing it this week and will let you know how it goes.

That would be super awesome! Let me know how it goes!!

I posted it as a remix here. So far so good. I’ve printed most of the face portion. Still need forehead and top of head.

are the pieces split into smaller parts on your remix? that's where i'm having troubles.

Do you have assembly instructions somewhere or could you make some please?

What did you use to paint this mask

Cheap acrylic paint at a craft store will be your best bet - they always have a wide color variety to choose from so you don't have to mix. A lot of people use spray paint but it's so shiny and glossy i feel it takes away from the cartoon effect.

haha i love this great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is amazing. Im PRAYING u have a morty helmet to by any chance. PLEASE TELL ME YOU DO

I don't... yet. Possibly will create one in the future, but no guarantees :)

Would you have any suggestions on how to print the eye ball tops and bottoms? I'm not sure what I'm missing, but grid isnt printing correctly.

Hello just wanted to let you no that someone has listed your mask on eBay.
Also thank you for the model I love it and have a small build log on RPF

He allows commercial use so they are allowed to do that

Never mind there are not allowed to do that

That's frigging burp amazing!

Got everything to print! All I needed to do was separate some of the objects and it all worked out. Now to sand and put together. Are there any instructions or step-by steps out there?

AMAZING! I love this mask model, I have just about finished the whole mask except the "Headrear" cause its a bit too tall from Makerbot replicator, I'm gonna try and flip it and see how the quality is with finish. I am trying to get the Z18 going but its a piece of junk haha. just wanted to thank you and let you know this is a much needed rave mask.... :)

Ok, just started this as my first bigger project, i´m a little unsecure^^
How much does the whole print weigh in the end?
And do you think, one can of primer will be enough for a 0,2mm layer print with medium sanding effort?

I believe the whole print weighs around 1 lb, as it takes around a half roll of filament to print all of it. I didn't use primer on mine, so I can't say how it will work. I do recommend using some sort of filler (in my case, drywall mud) to smooth the seams and sand them flush (this is due to plastic shrinkage and the thin walls of this print, it is challenging to get all the pieces to line up perfectly).

Just finished gluing the major parts while the eyes and hairspikes are printing, and its turning out awesome.
I´m so glad i printed in ABS, because i could easily melt parts together with acetone, that weren´t a perfect fit.

Huge thanks for the model, love it.

Buuuut, what is the size of your head, seriously, i had to cut a major part and two spikes off of the back, because there was no way, my head was gonna fit, even my girfriend barely got it on. Nothing, that a soldering iron wont solve, but maybe put a warning in the description, to upscale for slightly bigger heads.

I'd love to see how you guys cut this to fit. I have the same issue and I gave a pretty small head.

this is the review i was looking for! so did you just trim off the bottom spikes? i have mine all together and am thinking of reprinting at 110%

My head does not fit neither. I'm thinking about adding some kind of "backdoor".

i melted off the bottom spikes, then used a heatgun to warm it up and spread the bottom of the cheeks. fits great now.

Thats waht i did too, doesnt really look much different.
Im off to the paint store right now and will spend the afternoon painting it, hopefully i´ll be able to show the finished mask this night.

having an issue printing the forehead young file. tried 7 times now and it keeps failing, layers won't stick to each other for some reason... any thoughts on this? all the other parts have been fine so far...

Hey - sorry to hear you're having issues printing this. The only time I saw someone having issues printing this was someone who tried scaling the print to print it at a smaller size. Unfortunately, since the walls are already quite thin, his slicer was skipping parts of the print because scaling it down made the walls thinner than the nozzle of his printer could theoretically print. If you aren't scaling the print, I'd recommend breaking the STL into singular parts to print individually (since many of my STL's group the parts), and also printing at a higher quality level with smaller layers and slower printing. Other than that, I'd have to see how the print was failing to make a more specific recommendation. Good Luck!

Have you had any luck? I'm still having problems.

Kind of... I rotated the file 90 degrees and re-sliced it. I left all the other settings the same as on the other components and it finished, but still had issues with the first layer shifting. At this point I'm thinking it may be my printer rather that the file, since all the other parts are going fine, and this one takes up such a large chunk of the build plate. I'm going to move on to other parts and see what happens, if I keep having problems I will be doing a service overhaul on the printer

I'll try that. But after it failed I printed something fairly large and it worked fine, so it just might be a tricky file that need som work settings wise.

Now that you mention it, I set this aside for a few days out of frustration and ran the body of the desktop arbor press model with. I problem at 1.5x the speed I'm using on this. It took up the same huge chunk of build plate and went off with no issues...

I'm having the same problem, and also with hair rear right. They start off great, I'm using the same setting as I used for the rest but in about an hour in it falls apart or something. I'm usually not there when it happens. :P Any tips. I was thinking of printing it slower? Really want to finish. Cheers

I'm experiencing this problem (hair rear right) as well with Cura 15.04.6. I've tried several different slice profiles (speeds, retract on, retract off, speeds, etc) and the print consistently falls apart at about 5mm up jamming the extruder. I use the same settings for 20mm Calibration Cube and it works fine. The main thing I haven't changed is the infill of 100% so maybe I'll try like 20%?

time to print this for comicon at the end of the month. hopefully i do it in time!

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Thank you for providing this awesome design! Working on mine now. I deviated from instructions but so far it looks good, printed in ABS 10 % infill, at 240 C nozzle and 112C bed. I'll post the finished mask when I'm done.

Anybody willing to sell a copy for a good price ? :P

The license I have chosen forbids selling these.

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The license I have chosen forbids selling these.

I want to print the whole mask at once. WIll I need rafters?

you will need supports. you may not need rafts, depending on how confident you are with your bed adhesion.

Roughly how much filament is needed for this design

I've been told that it was just over half a 2kg roll. I haven't verified this.

Love the design but i its a nightmare to prnit the back of the head on my makerbot. Is it possiable for you to cut the design in 1/2 to make it easier to print?

By any chance would you be willing to post the Blender file? I love this mask but would like a happy expression on his face. I completely understand if you don't want to release the original file. Thanks!

This is awesome. My brother got me a 3D printer for Christmas so, knowing he's a Rick and Morty fan, I was pretty stoked to find this when looking for things to print as a gift. Printing it is taking almost as long as the Gear Wars, but it will make for a good intro to a lot of different printing/post-production skills. Thanks for your effort.

A couple questions, if I may:
--I'm wondering what type of drywall mud/cement you used? (Topping, hotmud, premix, etc. I know some shrink more than others.)
--Why did you separate the tongue? (Supports nightmare? Easier to paint?)

--Note to potential printers: Anyone with at least a 220x220 bed can make their lives easier by combining several pieces at once. I printed both chin pieces as one, but didn't think to do it with all of the eye pieces (not to be confused with eyeballs). Do some experimenting with your design program to see what fits, or even try breaking up the EntireHead file to reduce the number of seams.

I used drydex drywall spackle, no reason other than I had a tube to use up, I wouldn't recommend it. If I did it again, I'd just use regular premix drywall mud (all purpose joint compound) since it's cheap and easy and sands better. I didn't have any concerns about shrinkage or cracking because the gaps I had to fill were all 1/8th inch or less, and I filled, dried, sanded, and repeated 2 times, 3 on the most uneven spots.

Yeah I think my reasoning was that the tongue would be tough to paint nicely if it was set in the mouth already, as well as necessitate extra supports. I also didn't want to risk needing to redesign and reprint anything, so I broke it into smaller parts than may have been necessary - I didn't have any plans of releasing the files to anyone else at the time.

Thanks for the prompt reply, too bad I just saw the rest of my white filament is on back order for 1-2 months:/ Yeah, it appears my previous comment was optimistic. The mock up seemed to fit, but putting the pieces on a virtual workplane shows it all be a few mm's too wide for a 220x220 bed. I was just hoping to easily reduce the number of seams further since it made the chin piece a lot cleaner/easier. Maybe I'll figure out a way to split the head differently later, but it won't matter unless I have to print the whole thing again. I appreciate your sharing your work either way. (I noticed the tongue was solid and I wanted to practice hollowing skills, so even though it only saves a small amount of filament, I made a complete hollow tongue and posted it as a remix so it would be more visible in case anyone wanted it.)

I've only got one more job's worth of parts to print before I can start to assemble, and I can't wait to post the results. Just waiting on filament. Thanks again.

(((To anyone printing this: I can recommend AIO Robotics. Their tolerance is +/- .02, it's spooled beautifully, the white is brilliant without blueness, and it's affordable. The down side is I've only seen it in half-kilos, but 500g was enough for me to print all of the parts for this mask and reprint the NoseBridge pieces as one, with ~15 wraps left on the spool.)))

HI! Can you help me? I'm making your great disegn but I'm having some issue about gluing together all the pieces as I'm gluing part by part. If you can contact me with some istruction It would be great! Thanks you in advance!

From another comment:

I did the chin first, then eyes/nose, then forehead. Glued up all of those pieces and then glued all the hair together, then glued the front face to the rear hair. It required a lot of flexing and still some seams were up to .75mm or so off because the parts are all printed in different axes for the least amount of support material. As shown, I used drywall mud to fill the seams that were visually obviously not matched well and sanded it smooth to cover them.

Hi I think that there's a missing piece, i can't find it through downloaded files. Could I send you some photos so you can help me?
Maybe by email.. it's almost completed..
thank you.

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Wubalubadubdub, this looks great! How long did it take you to print all the parts?

30-40 hours I believe

At 0,2mm layer and 70mm/s it took me around 60-70 hours.

Wubalubadubdub, this looks great! How long did it take you to print all the parts?

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I'm so mad I didn't see this before Halloween :'(

Don't worry, I only posted it ON Halloween since I barely finished mine by then.

This was a great job, and was really fun to made one of these

thanks! and thanks for posting the pics!

I'm only liking this because I cannot actually love it. Great work!

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ow did u glue it in what order?? i cant seem to fit it perfect

Chin first, then eyes/nose, then forehead. Glued up all of those pieces and then glued all the hair together, then glued the front face to the rear hair. It required a lot of flexing and still some seams were up to .75mm or so off because the parts are all printed in different axes for the least amount of support material. As shown, I used drywall mud to fill the seams that were visually obviously not matched well and sanded it smooth to cover them.

thanks man its all working!!! now i need to fill it up with drywall ;) how did u get the colours so perfect? and acrylic paint? il post a made when it is done!

Awesome, I'm excited to see it! I used regular liquid acrylic craft paint like Delta Ceramcoat and Folk Art; the cheap stuff from craft stores. I just added a color palette image to the pictures on this thing, which you can use to color match or mix your paints. I used what I had laying around already so I mostly mixed the colors myself (his hair was the only color straight from the bottle).

What size is your print bed?

8x8x8 - monoprice maker select/wanhao duplicator i3

how much would you charge to make one for me?

Pretty please :)

awesome man! Definitely going to make one. Can i ask which brand paint you used?

I used a few different brands because they're what I had laying around, but I recommend Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint.

Great work, would you please post some of the files more split up ? I am using a replicator 1 and they won't fit on my platform. Or can you Send them to me ?

I'm sorry, but I don't have time to optimize my print files for other printers. There are many free programs that will allow you to split the parts into smaller chunks though.

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the two chin parts will definitely need supports. Everything else may or may not need them depending on the quality of your printer setup. I used S3d to slice which auto adds supports based on overhang angle, so I cannot tell you which ones need supports off hand any easier than you can find out yourself.

Would you be willing to make a duplicate? Or print parts and send them for payment. Please get back to me. I NEED to have this mask lol bmhernandez210@gmail.com

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I'm starting the prints today for this! Thanks for uploading this!!


How big is the gap to fit your head through? :)

8"x6" roughly? I would say be prepared to dremel some material off of it if you have an extremely large head.

cheers man!

So you have by any chance the whole face, not cut or anything, I want to print it to have it as a statue D: There is also a morty face around here so it will look great next to it! D:

Yes I will upload it as well today some time.

I am going to Pax south in January. Do you mind if I make and wear this. I will credit you.

Please make it and upload pics! Love it!

Awesome man. I will start printing ASAP

Awesome dude! Could you upload a master file with all the parts pre-attached, maybe sans the eyes. I got a large format printer and could make this in one go if so!

I will upload it later today! Crazy overhangs though.

I have uploaded the STL as EntireHead.stl - it does not include the tongue or eyes which will need to be printed separately (that's just what I had available).

You're awesome thanks! I'll knock it out once my print cue is finished this week :D

I'll pay you 300$ to make and ship a mask, email me for negotiations at aaronglesener@gmail.com. Hope we can make something happen!

You still interested in purchasing a mask? I just got my printer dialed in. The exact same one the OP used. Message me if interested!

holy fuck this is squanchy!

Wiggitty wiggitty wicked dude!!!

How long all up did this take to print?

30-40 hours in 5 hour chunks which is what the files are divided into

This thing is sweet! Great job on this!