Halloween Crow (Animated)

by danman Oct 31, 2016
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Tried printing this today. Cura 2.7 sliced in vase mode. Started with the body, all was well until the legs separated from the main body, completely downhill from there. Cura had my CR-10 jumping back and forth between the main body and the two hollow legs. Adhesion between layers was minimal, some shifting occurred, one leg stump fell off completely. 5 hours to print, part is unusable. :-(

Are there any tricks to doing this in vase mode or should I just print it normally?

A bit late... but: I think when danman writes "vasemode" he does NOT mean the "Spiralize outer contur" checkbox in Cura.

It printed fine for me when:

  • Infill 0%
  • "Wall line count" set to 5, but that's up to you.
  • At least for the body: 0 Top and 0 Bottom layers.

Printed everything last night, assembling will be done before Helloween, i hope ;-)

This happened to me too.

Any chance of some photos of how the head attaches please? There is a large gap between the body and the head and the head does not fit the body hole. SO, how does the head and body attached to each other?

The large gap is intended to give the head room to twist without rubbing the body.

A hole was drilled into the base of the head and a piece of standard drip irrigation tubing extends from the top of the head, through the hole, and onto the output cog of the servo. (Servo arm is removed and the tubing fits snugly upon the servo output cog and is zip tied to make it more secure)

The servo was hot glued to a hand-cut wedge of semi-rigid foam built such that the servo could lay side-ways within the breast of the bird's body at such an angle that the head was in a natural position. Behind the servo another piece of foam serves to further wedge the servo into place securely.

One of the pictures above attempts to show some of this, but its crowded within the body and difficult to clearly show the positioning.

How long do the batteries last please?

I used a battery out of a Nobis tablet (old POS Android device), and my battery goes at least ten hours. I also used bright clear LEDs for the eyes with some hefty resistors on them. I painted them red with red testors model paint. I plan on posting pics shortly.

With 4 NiMh rechargeable AA batteries, this lasted maybe 3-4 hours

Great work! Do you think you could give more details of the parts you have used, a wiring diagram and also explain how you have attached the head piece to the servo? Thanks!

Here is a tutorial on wiring a servo into an arduino: https://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/SingleServoExample

The servo is attached using a small piece of irrigation tubing that fit snugly onto the servo output cog (with servo arm removed). After pushing the tubing onto the servo, it was zip tied to keep it firmly attached. The tubing goes through a hole drilled into the base of the head and the end of the tubing is hot glued to the inside top of the head.

I just completed my second crow with a a couple of recommended changes. First, instead of using the connector on my second build (i found the first difficult to fit), I glued two small magnets that fit nicely into the rounded corners of the body and then two others glued to the flat base of the tail. It holds the tail more cleanly and strongly than the connector. I also reduced the the four parts to 95% in Repetier to make it fit within the confines of my 180mm height limit on my 3D printer. I maxed out the body on the first build and messed up the last several layers... the size difference is barely noticeable. I also put a twist on the second Raven and gave it a Game of Thrones shout out with Blue Eyes. Very cool. Finally instead of using felt for the neck I had some black craft fur that looks sort of like the hackles of the Raven. I"ll try to post some photos on the "I made it" link. A great design. Thanks for sharing it and the code to make my build easier. Happy Halloween!

I wonder If you're planning to make the crow "crow" - by making the beek open for a moment and add a "crow" sound.....and maybe a sensor when someone comes too close then gets crowd at =D

Is there a head w. a longer neck? I know you left a gap so that the head could swivel and the gap is covered with black felt, but what I have would use less space so a smaller gap would be better. I can play w. the proportions but everything I'm doing is making the head look "out" of proportions w. the rest of the body. I really like this crow and Halloween is just around the corner. (ok, 4 months but that's almost next week when you're trying to add new stuff) Thanks.

I agree with you guys on the gap. That is why I used the head from this URL:


Halloween Crow
by danman

Agreed, i'd like the complete crow without the gap.