SexyCyborg's Chinese Maker Coin

by SexyCyborg Nov 1, 2016
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Can these metal-fill materials be smoothed out with acetone, like ABS?
What type of plastic is typically used for the plastic component of these metal-fill martials?

Is it 作,OR 做?

Interesting....never thought of that. As always I ask Mr Google and saw a good read on this:


You need to be able to read in Chinese, the google translate will not work because these are not full sentences.

But in short, the article says, generally "做" is more often used to a literal or physical action, like "...at work", "playing music", "doing". "作" to refer to a more figurative or abstract action, like "working on...", "composing music", "pretending". Notice that I try to give examples to show the differences in the same scenario.

So, in the instance of the coin, I would say "作" is more appropriate as the inscription, to signify the "maker" mindset figuratively....and 做 is the action of printing (making) this coin as a 作 symbol (maker).

And OMG, I concluded that:
作 - maker
做 - making

Bored at work...lol. I should be doing my analysis on a project now...lol

hey i like this. Well done, the square hole with the open build sprocket is really good.

That's pretty cool. I haven't played with the metal filaments yet, but I have about 20 spools of ABS, PLA, and Alloy 910, maybe I'll try printing this in ABS and finish it off in a Rub 'n Buff :D

Very symbolic! I really like the idea, maybe I'll try to design a Maker coin for my country, Mexico!

Nice design and cool color