Five screw-puzzles by George Hart

by GeorgeHart Nov 18, 2013
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It would be cool if there were the earth and air puzzles. (I could but I am not great at openscad)

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Nun konnte ich diesen 4 teiligen Würfel Drucken. Die Herausforderung liegt mehr beim Drucken als beim Zusammenbau. Mehr als 10 Stunden dauerte der Druck, Schichtdicke 0.1 mm und 50% Geschwindigkeit. Ein Ringdüse zur Kühlung habe ich mir vorher gedruckt.

Ich habe drei Abstürze beim Drucken des 4 teiligen Würfels.
Wollte so drucken wie gezeigt. Wer hat schonmal gedruckt?
Wer hat eine OpenSCAD Datei für mich?
Vielen Dank

I'm very new at this, but looking at the 4 part cube, it appears to me that if I turn it over with the top down, I should be able to print it with no supports. Am I correct in my thinking?

I made the pyramid and was able to solve it (ok, i cheated by looking on youtube) and it works great and it kinda snaps together. Next I made the 4 part torus and I am having difficulty solving it. It looks right but it does not "snap" or "snug" up together. Is it supposed to fit tight? I've got the bagel on my Tas6 with dual extruders and dissolvable support right now realizing that solving that will give me some better insight on what to expect.

This is awesome. I made the tetrahedron in several colors and it's one of the most amusing things to come off my cheap little 3d printer. Lots of fun.

Do you need supports??

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Do any of them need supports when they are printed?

I had to use supports on the cube.

I feel so stupid, I can't figure out this damned tetrahedron. I'm starting to wonder if it's user error or printer error. The pieces look good though!

EDIT: Ended up coming back to this puzzle a few days later and finally solved it. I made a video for the solution in case anyone else needs a little help :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SLyZ-0kw_k

Thanks for the video!

Guys, if you wanna know more about these objects, follow this link:

tetrahedron works like a charm* with 10% infill, but if i use 100%, it won't fit together (and breaks if i try to make it). just figured folks might like to be aware of that

*still infuriatingly difficult to figure out the first time though

Never use 100% infill.

I'm building a bunch of these for a STEM group. Unfortunately, I agree: the more rigid these are, the tougher it is to fit them without breaking them. I think the key is that the tetrahedron could use a little larger tolerance; maybe 1.5-2X the supposed 1mm it has now. Any chance that could happen? I'd prefer not to do it from the STL file....

One of my students and I redid this from scratch using OpenSCAD to make the "Tunable Tolerance Tetrahedron Twist Timewasting Toy" -- http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1542564

Our version allows use of the Customizer to set fit tolerance (gap), side length, thickness (to hollow the tetrahedron), inside/outside edge rounding, and even imprinting with a UK (University of Kentucky) logo. BTW, I don't know how you computed the tolerance, but a 1mm tolerance on ours gives a really loose fit without any sanding....

Tunable Tolerance Tetrahedron Twist Timewasting Toy

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

Can anyone recommend a good instructional video for using supports? I have no idea where to begin with them and don't want to accidentally damage my machine.

These puzzles are tantalizing, but I'm afraid of going all FUBAR.

Nice puzzles. I printed the pyramid 2-piece puzzle in white and translucent orang, it took me a while but finally figured it out! Thanks for sharing it, I'll post a photo of it.

Great puzzles and great fun. I printed the Four-Part-Cube over the weekend using a MendemMax2, Slic3r, and Prinrtrun. I printed it with supports and zero fill in ABS. After the print I removed the supports and sanded some rough edges and it came out beautifully.
It took me about 40 minutes to solve it the first time. After discovering the solution it takes less than a minute.
Thanks, great work.

Brilliant work. As far as teaching goes, from my perspective based on what I am trying to learn having OpenSCAD source would be better for me.

I own a low-quality printer and I can't solve the two part tetrahedron. I don't know if it is caused by the bad print quality or if I just need to keep trying. Can you please include a solution video? :-)

what printer do you have?

I have a Micro 3D, and I had to spend some quality time with a file and some nippers to get it, after looking up the start position on Georges site to make sure I wasn't just totally off in how I thought it should go together (I was a bit off, but the print did need fixing as well)

I am not capable of finding the way to download this.

How do you open it in customizer???

I don't believe it is Customizable.

Haha! I as soon as I saw this Thing I thought - "Man! George Hart would LOVE these..." and then I saw you were the one to upload it!

Good to see you on Thingiverse. I included a link to your site on my blog http://designmaketeach.com/2013/09/19/3d-printing-research-links/http://designmaketeach.com/201... I usually mention your site when discussing advanced math applications of 3D printing.