MP Select Mini X Gantry Support + Camera Mount [Reinforced and Realigned]

by svideo Nov 2, 2016
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The only rod I can find is 200mm will that be a sufficient length to support the arm at its full height?

Any concerns on printing this with PLA?

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Does this work? Does it drag up that side? Looking at this printer and like this add-on addresses my most worrying part of the canterlever design

Can you fill the spots for the locking screws (for the end of the rail) and cap the bottom of where the rod is inserted? I'm terrible with 3d modeling and it would be super helpful

try putting it on your bed diagonally an add raft in cura as that what i had to do and it worked perfect hope this helps

I can't get this to print no matter what... had to set my print bed to 130mm and then the alignment was off so bad it was trying to print off the bed....really want to print this, but I don't see how

The model is 120mm, which should fit on the MPSM bed and if it doesn't you have something wrong with the slicer you are using.

Change your bed sixe to 125 x125 in Cura then it fits and prints well.

I'm using Cura and I've read others having issues with larger prints...I think it has something to do with my prints always doing a single line pass around the object before printing it....I think I may need to eliminate that to fix it, but not sure how.

This "single line" is called skirt:

All of them can be disabled in Cura (please note the blue info box):
Built Plate Adhesion -> Bulit Plate Adhesion Type -> None

Is there any way you could post the basic dimensions for the main support piece? I love the design but I would need to tweak a few things for it to work with the changes I've already made to my printer.

I've included the original SketchUp drawings for each part which can be opened in the free Maker edition of SketchUp. You can pull dimensions directly from the model and modify at will!

Thanks for the tip, that worked perfectly!

where did you download the thing for the camera mount for the rasberry pie mount

Check the "remixed from" links to the left for the source models.

Just finish printing this

And the stock screws won't give enough clearance to make the small version fit, I had to take the plate completely off for it to screw on, any ideas?

does this just use the stock scews to attach to the side of the mini or do i need to get longer ones

I just used the stock screws.

RECEIVED: NAME: Malyan VER: 2.4 MODEL: M200 HW: HA02

Is the printer version i get via Gcode command, vs the 2.7 in the thing details, will this still work for me?

I am wondering this as well. I would think that the HW: HA02 piece is what is important, but I don't know for sure.

I can only comment for certain that it fits my own machine as that is all I have on hand to test. The best advice I can offer is to print it, check the fit, and share the results with others here.

I printed the 8mm remix by raray of this for ease of getting 8mm bearings and rods on amazon prime. The bracket which mounts to the base of the printer appears to be about 4 mm too close to the base of the printer. http://imgur.com/a/jgFLm. Also just slightly off to one side.

is the 8mm version posted anywhere?

MP Select Mini 8mm Gantry Support and Logitech C525 Mount
by raray

That is completely understandable. I will give it a try when I have some time and report back with my findings!

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Is there any change you could re size, so we can print with Cura on the mini??
Thanks in advance :)

Others have reported that setting the bed size in Cura to 123mm with no skirt or brim printed successfully on the mini.

Thank you for your advise :)

How readily should the bearings slide up/down the shaft? Mine's a bit tight.

Did you resolve this? I'm having this issue right now. I bought a 1/4" threaded rod but I'm thinking that the difference is enough for this to be an issue. Guess I do need an m6 one.

The fit between the rod and the bearings aren't determined by this model/print, but by the rods and bearings you buy. Specific links to known-working parts are provided in the description. Everything was designed for 6mm SMOOTH rods (not threaded! - that will never work!). If you choose to use any different size, you're going to need to edit the models.

Anyone found a better source for that 6mm shaft? The shipper's going to take forever to get it here.

if i print this on build take will it effect it, in any way?

If I'm parsing this correctly, you're asking if printing on BuildTak will cause a problem, is that right? I'd just make sure that it's at least 120mm in one dimension as this model will take the whole build surface. The 4.5" BuildTak sheets that folks often use on the MPSM printer are just short of 115mm, so if that's what you're using you're going to run into problems as you'll need the full 120mm.

oh, ok. thanks.

What slicer software are people using for this print? Using Cura with my bed size set to 120mm x 120mm x 120mm, it will not fit without scaling down.

I used S3D, for whatever reason Cura has some issue with printing a 120mm model on a 120mm bed. Maybe Slic3r might help?

I have this same question. 2.4.0b of Cura with a 120x120 setting and it doesn't quite fit.

I goosed the bed size to 123 wide and the job fits. It also prints!

From what I gather the tolerances are such that 120x is the recommended safe print area. Some folks have pushed it further to as much as 130. 125mm seems to be a typical max increased size. There are options to increase the depth up to 240mm by changing out the whole bed area (and heater) with parts from a kit.

I'm printing the other parts first, the bracket is 5 hour estimate in Cura (likely near 6 on the Mini).

Thanks for the responses, I ended up changing my Y size to 123mm and using a "0 mm brim" in order to print. Worked just fine after that.

Sweet update. Will print again. Still waiting on my hardware from across the world.

Any chance it'd be quick & easy for you to modify this for 8mm rod?

I've posted a remix that includes the 8mm update: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2092238

MP Select Mini 8mm Gantry Support and Logitech C525 Mount
by raray

It'd be quick and easy if I knew any decent parametric modeling packages, but instead I know Sketchup. As a result, I probably won't be maintaining two versions. I have however included my source files here so anyone is free to do a remix if they're feeling inspired.

Very nice any cool fan upgrade ideas?

Several. Can you clarify what you're looking for?

I want to be able to print abs and I hear it's complicated in its current factory conditions. I see a few on here but I've read some will work others need more tweaking just looking for a reliable source and with intensive testing. Thanks for the reply on here I was wondering if this was what happened to MySpace when Facebook came out lol.im not sure what other sites are out there besides tinkercad.com and cura and here.

For printing ABS you don't want a part fan running at all. For the MPSM this means either taping over the stock nozzle while printing ABS or printing up a replacement fan shroud that doesn't include a part fan. A better option would be to replace the entire hotend with an E3D v6 along with a removable part fan like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1848402

Printing ABS with the MPSM is going to be a challenge for several reasons, but people have made it happen. For more help and discussion about this printer, I'd check out the Facebook group here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1717306548519045/ and the Reddit group here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MPSelectMiniOwners

Monoprice Select Mini E3Dv6 Zero Offset Mount

Or just flip the fan shroud upside down mb?

e3d v6 metal end will be here Friday printing the offset parts and the gantry parts with the rods mod as well any other recommendations?

z axis stabilizers also printed and the knob *