Logitech C270 Webcam Mount for Original Prusa i3 MK2

by JohnOCFII Nov 2, 2016
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Just bought a c270 camera, and it seems to focus too far away... I've looked around, for a 4mm lens it should get a focus from 20cm to infinite.

Have you changed your webcam lens?

Thank you.

I printed an adjustable focus ring (available here on Thingiverse) and added this kit of external lenses. I switch between the lens depending on the size of the item I am printing.


Nice, I've adjusted the focus as in tutorials, now its ok :)
Thanks for the fisheye link :)

Hi, I printed the MK2 sliding bracket in ABS with 0.2mm (lying flat), but it is a way to loose fit on my MK2S. Don't know, if there is a difference in bed mounting from MK2 to MK2S. I will glue some ABS leftovers on to fill the gap. Apart from the loose fit, the design is very nice.

Interesting. I'm not sure if they have added a spacer or washer between the Y-carriage and the print bed in the MK2S. When I have a chance, I'll compare the assembly manuals.

I compared my MK42 heated bed (original prusa MK2S) to the pictures from MK2 and MK2S manual: My heated bed looks similar, but has toothed lock washers under the M3 hex distance pieces (don't know the right name) and they seem a touch longer then in the manual...

I think you are correct that the lock washers (which I don't have) probably add enough height to make the arm fit more loosely with without. The model was made in Fusion 360, in case you want to edit that parameter and adjust it to try it yourself.

Can you please send me the Fusion 360 files? I would like to try and adjust for the MK2S bed

Pokeimon - send me your email address, and I'll send you the Fusion 360 file.

Any chance of putting the fusion file in with STLs?

I've added the Fusion 360 file for the sliding bracket component. That's the only file I modified in a design tool. The other components are either from a Thingiverse Customizer tool (the bolts, nuts, etc.) or from the upstream contributor.

Also, I was thinking - to combat the low FOV on the C270, what about making the arm an adjustable length?

I think I've seen some others try that. Trouble is, as you go longer on the arm, you'll get more vibration. I found the changeable lens to be a good solution to that issue.