by muzz64 Nov 4, 2016
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how beautiful your little monkeys
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

can these be printed smaller?

Potentially yes you can scale them down uniformly by 5 - 10% if you use a precise slicing app and have an accurate well set up machine. The risks are that (1) reducing the size will make the internal clearances smaller so the parts are more likely to fuse and (2) it won't be as strong... so use extra high infill.

I hope this helps!

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Awesome design, as with your others!
Definitely going to follow you.

Also, thanks a lot for providing proper print settings, it's so helpful! :D

Thanks for your message and positive feedback. .. much appreciated

Just printed monkey :) another great design boss, its always a pleasure to print your designs, for me they are problem free and always work as expected.
Amazing that your designs are moving/articulated right off the bed, those are my favorite kind to print.
Thanks for all your great work !

Thanks... making everything as safe to print as possible for almost everyone helps keep my inbox down to a manageable level!

This looks so cool!
Can you please make a modified version that can be printed on the Makerbot Mini? It almost fits! :)

Pleased you like my Monkeyz... I had a look at the design as I was fairly sure I made it so it could print on a Mini and, having had a quick look at it you should be able to. All you need to do is rotate it 45 degrees on the build plate (i.e. Import file then rotate 45 degrees around the Z axis). Hopefully that makes sense and does the job... failing that I can shorten the tail a bit but it should work with the existing file.

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just want to say your designs are unique and 1 of a kind thx for making them

Thanks... as you know it's always nice to hear my work is appreciated!

Thank you for publishing all of your designs. It's a heck of a proud moment when I finally dial in a printer well enough that I can print things that are as complex as the snakez, and the anticipation of that same printer finishing up its first monkeyz. I always look forward to whatever you publish, because you help make my 3D printer awesome.

Thanks... always pleased to hear my work is appreciated and helping people get value from their 3D printing!

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Sorry to hear you feel that way... I don't 'expect' anyone to like any of my designs. That is each individuals choice. I also do not spend much time on Thingiverse. Between my work, family commitments and designing I don't have time to filter through loads of other people's designs.

Much of what I post is the result of what someone has asked me to create for them (i.e. provide a solution to a problem etc.) plus lots of fun things that I've developed to show what's possible with 3D printing which support the 3D education activities I'm involved with. However, as it stands I simply don't have enough time for my current backlog of design work along with work and other commitments.

The bottom line is I don't spend lots of time browsing around Thingiverse because I simply don't have time. Having said that, when I do there are plenty of great ideas and designs but I don't treat it like a social media channel. I don't do facebook or any other social media activity for the same reasons... they can all too easily gobble up the precious / limited time I have for designing.

So in closing it's not that I don't 'like' other peoples designs because there is lots that I do... people can decide what they want about my designs. I don't expect anything in return but am happy to share my work. To date most people seem very appreciative of that. Even designs I've made at someone's request I often end up posting because the consensus of opinion is usually that others may also appreciate it so, having done the work, I share it.

It would certainly make my life easier and less stressful to stop.... .


If you see it this way then
Many thanks for your designs!

Third Comment!!!