Twisted 6-sided Vase Basic

by MaakMijnIdee Mar 7, 2012
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This is my favourite Thing of all!
We were given it as a pre-made gcode file for our ALDI CocoonCreate (=Wanhao i3 v2) some years ago, and it is so popular with our friends. Joined Thingiverse only recently - been mostly hacking together parts for archery, musical instruments, flying models etc with OpenScad.
So glad to have found the source of this excellent and useful Thing that so many use as a vase or for their pencils, pens etc, and all admire the delicacy of your design. Thank you! Will post a Make forthwith.

Très joli.Ma belle fille va adorer !!!! MERCI !!!!!! ;-)

It came out nice!
Very nice model .

Printed very well in 4h 49m on my Raise3D Pro2 with the standard IdeaMaker PLA Profile.

Some minor changes like "Vase Mode" enabled, Brim, 3 Solid Bottom Layers, 0.2 Layer Height and 2 Shells.

Check the Picture below.

Comments deleted.

Mine came out great! Just Like in the photo. I'm using a MP Maker Select Plus (i3 clone) with Cura 3.2.
It even holds water no problem. I would have liked it to be a bit thicker though.

Here are my settings:
Layer Height .2
Line width .4
Wall thickness/shell were changed because I used the "special mode" called Spiralize Outer Contour which is made for this type of application vases, cups, etc
Speed 50mm/s
Print Temp 210
Plate Temp 50
Brim Width 8.0mm

I love this vase and decided to film it! Check it out here if you want.


I tried making 1 using transparent PETG, looked very nice, but when i try to put water, it leaked. anything that I've done wrong?

I made one that one half blue and half green it looks great, great make

Printed a 180mm tall one in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Looks amazing!

Just saw this, it's actually being used as a test print that comes with the Balco 3D printer, I don't know if you knew, but it comes pre-made as a gcode file, and I assume they use it as a vase mode show off thing at all of those tech conventions.

My granddaughter informed me at bedtime she needed a gift for a classmate the next day. Thanks!

How come the model doesn't just have a hollow top instead of needing to edit the gcode?

i've made one nearly similar - and hollow!



by tomschl

Thanks, just wasted a lot of filament before seeing it's solid. I'll print your one.

if you have a solid body, you can define the shell thickness in your slicer. If you use cura as slicer, you can use "Spiralize the outer contour" mode - then you don't need to edit the gcode by hand.

Comments deleted.

Made a time lapse of this! Thanks for sharing the STL

I used Cura, running in spiralize mode with no infill or supports. Since this is an easier print, I cranked up the speed to 120mm/s which turned out fine. As for layer height 0.3mm, works well for me.

Made a time lapse of this! Thanks for sharing the STL

I used Cura, running in spiralize mode with no infill or supports. Since this is an easier print, I cranked up the speed to 120mm/s which turned out fine. As for layer height 0.3mm, works well for me.

Made a time lapse of this! Thanks for sharing the STL

I used Cura, running in spiralize mode with no infill or supports. Since this is an easier print, I cranked up the speed to 120mm/s which turned out fine. As for layer height 0.3mm, works well for me.

I'm having trouble printing this on a makerbot replicator 2 with just one wall. I have it set to 0% infil and only 1 shell (i can't make it zero). What do I do to make it just the one layer?!


Model requires 0% Infill and make sure Top layers are set to 0....made this in 9 hours at 0.15 on the Taz 6 no issues printing.. Leaks like a sieve and won't hold water though due to the thin bottom layer. Why not just modify the design so it has thick enough bottom layers so it doesn't leak, and is hollowed out for printing? The design is nice, too bad only semi-functional, I printed it in a transparent PLA, only really decorative at this point.

Good Job! I can sell this desing?

If you're using Cura:
There is a checkbox in the expert settings under the section "Black Magic" called "Spiralize the outer contour", select that and you're good to go

I obviously didn't see the 0% infill... cause now I have a solid poly block

lol i had the same problem.

why i have the top of the box on both sizes?

Ive also got this issue too, both ends are sealed.

Thanks so much for this model. I made it on my 3D printer and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much!


I use cura with my wanaho i3 printer. The only concern is that the water is going out .
This is my settnings: What should I change?

  • Shell tickness 1,6
  • Layer height 0,2
  • Buttom / topp tickness = 2.0
    -Fill denisty = 0

My Filament diameter is 1,75 and I have 0,4 nozzle.

Please help me out:)

Did you ever figure this out?

how long does it take to print on an ultimaker?

If you want to use it to actually hold liquids, I would print it in PLA with a shell thickness of 3x the nozzle diameter (1.2mm for my .4mm nozzle). Along with that, obviously no infill and no top layer. I did it at 2mm layer height. I have done this and drink water out of it every day. No leaks, barely any precipitation outside. Tanks for the design!!

Note: I use Cura for slicing, so I don't know what this translates to in Slic3r. Sorry!

To help everyone that is asking, The model is solid to allow different nozzle sized printers to print this. If you are using Slic3r, simply slice it with your normal settings, but check the "spiral vase" option ( http://slic3r.org/blog/tip-printing-vases ). If you are using Cura, set it to 0% infill and save it as Gcode. I would recomend opening it in Notepad++ and doing "ctr+f" type in "layer" and select "find all in current document". Find which line the third to last time it says layer, and delete everything up until ";End GCode". That will remove the last three layers. As for the material, ABS and PLA will work. Just make sure that you have a proper cooling system. If printing it with the default settings does not work, increase fan speed and decrease print speed.

Good luck printing!

Thank you so much, it will be my first time editing a prints gcode to this extent wish me luck, I'm printing full size on a tornado using a cooper hatchbox pla.

This is not hollow, how can I get a fixed model?

Did you have Zero infill on in your slicer?

What slicer are you using? Slic3r has a "twisted vase" option, which prints solid objects with one layer wall thickness.

hello with simplify3d the interior is closed? how to set that inside the tank is empty?

yes! I noticed that too!

they also have a vase mode in layer options
single outline corcskrew mode (vase mode)

Which material would be better for this? ABS or PLA? I figure ABS might be problematic due to the massive surface area causing the print to cool very fast making layer adhesion a problem, ABS likes it hot, while PLA likes it cool.

Can someone help me with setting the parameters in Replicatorg for a FF Creator Pro?

I am having trouble understanding exactly what changes to make and where to make them. I know hoe to set the "Object Infill" to 0%, and I assume that is where I would set the "Number of shells" to 2. (But not sure if this is setting the shells on the wall or not.)

So my questions are:

  • Where/how do I set the "bottom layers" to be 3?
  • Where/how do I set the Layer Height to be '0,3'? (My popup to generate g-code says the Layer Height defaults to .27 mm. Is the comma in the instructions a typo and it really means .3 mm?)
  • What exactly do I remove from the g-code to remove the top 3 layers?

I really appreciate it if someone could give me some explicit instructions on how to set these. Thanks!!

.3 layer height and 0% density

waterproof on davinci 1.0

I am learning how to configure my 3D printer settings by experimenting on your part, Thanks a lot! Great look and idea!

is it just me or is this print playing a melody for me as it lays down the plastic insane

Printrbot simple metal 2014. Yep. Clearly plays a melody.

easy to make and look nice. Good start!

Hi, I am new to printing and tried to print this on my Makerbot 2 with Makerware but it came out like a solid lump of plastic (I had to cancel the job). How do I set wall thickness in Makeware as I can't seem to find the setting even in the advanced settings. I'd be grateful if soneone could let me know the correct settings for Makerware to print this object. Many thanks

the way to fix that is where it says density in settings put it to 0%

in slic3er you set "infill", "solid infill every... layers" and "top solid infill" to 0. In Makerware you would probably want to do something similar.

There doesn't seem to be settings for that in Makerware. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Project Shapeshifter creates some very cool vase-thingies, check it out: http://www.123dapp.com/sandbox#section-shapeshifterhttp://www.123dapp.com/sandbox...

Hi, just made one on ultimaker2 with the settings of DscheyH posted earlier. I must admit it leaks water when filled. What would be best settings for watertightness? This one will be used with fake flowers, or as is, it is a beatiful design!

Use Joris but give yourself a thicker wall: 0.6mm or 0.8mm. Probably keep the layer height, maybe raise the temp 5-10°. Possibly lower the speed, not sure what you were at before.

It's so thin, even setting higher skins won't really help you. I'd recommend finishing it with a clear primer or coating the inside with plastidip.

I've got it shrunk to 50% and it looks like my slic3r default setting for small perimeters has kicked in and slowed my print speed to 30 mm/s. Has anyone printed this faster and how did it go? I know my printer could crank it out faster but I'm willing to slow it down to get a good result.

I also faced the same problem with Slic3r and I would've pulled my hair out (if I had any), but then I switched to Matterslice and it works perfectly. Give it a shot, or let me know if you figured out how to fix the Slic3r slow-ing down problem.

This is a good one. printed at 50% scale and it was my first time using spiral vase option on slic3r. Came out great!!

Print it on my Prusa Mendel with phizz's settings. Print perfectly in less than 1h1/2.
Next time I'll add a verticall shell more cause the vase is not completely waterproof.

Worked great for me in Slic3r with these settings:

0.3mm layers
2 vertical shells
0 top shells
3 bottom shells

0% fill density

Could I sell these vases if I gave credit to you?

Hi 508parkour,
my Thingiverse models are free to use as you like. If you feel you can make any profit from it, please feel free to give it a try!

Hey guy,I printed but not good enough.I dont know if its because the code.How to remove the top 3 layers by hand after the gcode is generated.?

Hi! Your instructions say to remove the top 3 layers by hand after the gcode is generated. How do you do it?

You can also just cancel the print as it gets to the top.

You could use the plugins tab in cura and select "pause at height".

The same requestion!

Sorry guys... Missed these comments tbh

It depends on your slicer. Some allow you to leave the top layers but you can also do it manually in a gcode editor. Simply save the generated gcode, open it in the editor (notepad will do) and delete the top layer in the code. These can be found on the bottom of the gcode and can be identified by the highest z-numbers', for example z190.6. Please leave the bottom lines in the code as they are, probably some 10-15 lines. None of these lines include a z command so that's not too difficult. You can delete more layers than necessasy to create a (slightly) lower vase if you like.

It helps if you understand a bit of the gcode but that's not everybody's cup of tea.

Hope this helps!

This is fantastic. I have printed it on my Ultimaker, sliced with Cura, Joris Setting i.e. continous printing in z-direction, 0.4mm thin wall, 0.3mm layer thickness, 225°C

I'm glad you like it! The Ultimaker rules for these sorts of objects because of the build volume and speed.

Those are some really excellent photos you took. I really like the effect of the light and shadows on the facets. The photo looking into the vase was a great idea!

Thank you for this compliment! I really pay attention to the photo's and detail.

My 8-month old son inspired me to make the picture into the vase. He was looking into the vase for some time so I wondered what was so special about it 8-)

I'd love to see your print and a creative point of view picture of it ;-)

Hello, Good job ! What software used you for drawing this object ? Thank you.