Small Screwless Vice

by SexyCyborg Nov 3, 2016
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This is THE most useful, useful print I have produced.

This is really slick - I had never heard of or seen this type of device before, but it's definitely handy - haven't done electronics since building it, but I have done more 3D printing and it works nice for print post-processing... now I just need to figure out how to get one made that's acetone resistant so I can use it when I am working with acetone :D

Thanks for the design!

technically the forces here are the same as a screw, due to the fact a screw is just an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. The same mechanism is still there just in a different arrangement. But still a cool design, i will keep this one in my pocket!

This answers two questions

Why do you demand to have at least one woman on your design teams?

3d Printers are nice but what practical applications do they really have?

Easy to print and works fine

The wedges are similar to the ones used in letterpress printing. They're called "quoins". See the Wikipedia listing for some details. By putting in the "teeth" that can be engaged by a "quoin key", they can produce a surprising amount of pressure. (And, it's possible, by careful application of multiple quoins to "clamp" surprisingly large items.)

Very good information. Very bad Wiki page. I was hoping for a lot more on it.

Took me a long time to figure out what the "quoin key" did. It's the pinion between a pair of wedge-shaped racks!

Interesting! Thanks for the link:-)

Wow, this is going to be very useful for soldering small PCB's, specially with SMD components.
By the way, I notice that in one of the photos, the PCB has the ICStation logo. Is it a customized PCB that they made for you? If so, would you recommend their custom PCB service?

Oh, it's just a board from a little Blinky kit I got free with an order someplace. Never put it together. Don't know anything about their service.

I see... Thanks for your reply! I was curious because I have used their modules in my projects before, but have never used their custom PCB services. Seems that I'll have to try them out by myself.

If you're looking for "tougher" in the PLA+, try the warm white. My best guess (and it's just a guess) is that the warm white has less pigment than the cool white or other colors esun makes, and the strength is very noticeable. It's also great for lithophanes!

I think white plastics are tougher in general due to less filler.

Nice work! I use eSUN pla for most things. Great material to print. I usually print at 207C and 45c heated bed. Must be nice to have it local! Bit expensive here in Canada.

Awesome and really clever design Naomi! Love it :)

This looks awesome! What is the largest PCB it will hold? I've been wanting something simple and easy to move around my bench but design time it hard to find.

39mm or so, but can scale the print up