Naruto Shuriken Fidget Toy Hand Spinner

by GreekGadgetGuru Nov 4, 2016
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I'm putting this here mostly for myself, but I wanted to make something Naruto related to my friend and found this, but I didn't have any bearings. So instead of buying some off amazon, I stayed up nearly the entire night trying to get a fully 3D printed fidget spinner, and I found the "perfect" dimensions. I printed this bearing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2746804 (608zz-standard), and after many attempts, I found that if you print the bearing at 97% in cura (21.34x21.34x6.8), then push it into the hold till it is in the center, put the two thumb parts in slightly and straight, then finally put it between a vice until you stop hearing popping noise, your fidget spinner is complete, even though it is really bad with the 3D printed bearing. Anyway, I hope someone finds this useful.

Better 3D Printable Bearing

I'm having a problem getting past the certificate trust list, it's not letting me download the file to be able to transfer it to the printer. How do I get past this point?

How big do the ball bearings have to be??

Hi, sorry to bother you, but what is the name of the squared background that you use that is in the first photo of your
Project, I tried to look it up in google but if you do not know the name it is impossible to find it you help me please thanks regards


How about creating some empty spaces in the middle layers at each point. While the job is printing those layers...before the sealing layer, drop in some nickels or pennies to add weight. They're be hidden and add the necessary weight to make it spin better.

Drop in. Haven't tried that yet. Good idea tho!

How about you? Is it difficult? If I stop my print, there's a back flow of filament that will fuse into the print where it stops.

Maybe I could just add screw / bolts with a countersink? Or nuts and have them press into place with a cap

Print a press-fit plug to cover the nickels/pennies and then glue/friction weld it into place.

you can create a purge tower / raised skirt to prevent this. you pause the print before the (raised) skirt prints, then when your print resumes it only prints poorly on the skirt.

Comments deleted.

Would it be possible to commission a version with smaller spikes for smaller hands?

Sure, no problem. If you email me at GreekGadgetGuru@gmail.com
we can discuss more in detail. Send me few a sketches / photos of what you want with rough dimension for the spikes.

This is a really cool concept; I would love to see a genji adaptation to this design as I LOVE Overwatch!

I could try that, it'd make a great video too!

It's wonderfull!! What's the infill you recommend for build it?

Depends how strong you want it to be. I think added density helps it spin a little faster 50% should be good. Thank you! :D