Frame brace Anet A6 for y-axis. Clip on. For maximum y-belt tensioning without risk of frame fracture

by McSchweg Nov 4, 2016
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Can you tell me what tensioner adapts to this improvement? I want to do it, but I want to print a Y tensioner that fits on it.


You might as well do it like i did: use the stock screws going with my design to adjust the tension. Imho there is no need for an additional tensioner.
But do me a favor: in case you find a tensioner that fits in combination to my design, please let us know! :)

Your y-belt-mount-front piece seems to be equal than the original that I have, at least, the outline. The brace-mount-front piece should fit on it. Maybe, I will try to print only this piece and try it.

I asked the same doubt to @slatter (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:365913). He did your design and if you look at his photos,you can see the y belt tensioner.


Frame brace Anet A6 for y-axis. Clip on. For maximum y-belt tensioning without risk of frame fracture
by govido

That also looks great - still it is not necessary to have a tensioner, if you use the metal screws already in there - in my opinion.
But I hope we learn, what slatters design is from. Best regards! Please post pics of your build as well! :)

I'm not sure I know what screws you're referring to. To tighten the strap in the hook of the bed seems uncomfortable and complicated to access.

Currently, I am analyzing all the options before I start printing improvements, to avoid printing extra pieces or that they do not serve in the future :D

I am referring to the two screws in the front, that you mount the pully with. If you losen it while tighten the belt at the bed you can adjust the tension afterwards and have them really tight. For me, that is totally enough. It is not that you tighten the belts regularly but only once imho.

Well, I did it, screw the tensioned belt and then press the front of the printer.

But, as I said, since I'm looking for improvements, I try to find options for the future that can be used without reprinting the pieces.
You never know if the belt will loosen with the use and I prefer not to turn it to re-tighten it.

I am noob with 3D printing and I think I read too much info.