Fidget Hand Quintuple Spinner with 5xM14 hex nuts

by Inertie_3D Nov 4, 2016
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What is the weight without nuts and bearing?

Around 10g with 100% infill

This design spins amazingly! Does anyone have a vertical stand design somewhere so I can spin this on my desk (Price is Right giant wheel style)?

Hey, thanks I like its spinning aswell. I can design a vertical frame sound like a good idea ;)

Hi I just got into 3d printing and I love this design. I was wondering if you could design a 3 nut spinner for me.

Hello and welcome to thingiverse !
No problem

What do you use for the bearing cover?

I took it here on thingiverse.
I think it was this one :

Fidget toy hand spinner

Awesome, thanks for the response! Looking forward to making this.

Would you please be so kind and make a six nut variant of this design???

No problem ;)
It's going to be heavy with 6 M14 nuts !

I'm sure I can lift 6 nut a bearing and a some plastic...
I'm smol girl but not that weak... ( -`ω´-)

You are welcome !
I meant heavy for tricks. Heavy means more inertia and it makes the spinning experience more difficult.
My quintuple m14 nuts spinner is 130g, twice the weight of my quintuple bearing spinner and you can see the difference when you play them ;)

Tricks??? That thing spins not more... Its not a hoola hoop...
I just want something to play with it cus... Well... I have some problems...
I need to find a bearing somewhere now...
Also one more thing if its not much to ask... Could you make only the outer most edge have those "grip-grooves"???
Thanks again!!! (^ω^)

Yeah, look for spinner tricks on youtube.
You can buy cheap 608 bearings on amazon.
Ok I'll add the STL file (-1groove) on the post.

I love this design. Had been thinking about an alternate design along this line that doesn't "waste" the outer bearings as the inner one is the only one that's really necessary, and was wondering what to use for the weights, but you nailed it. Love the look of it, as well, really industrial.

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to see that you like this design :)
You can also found, on my profil, some remix I made using bearings or M14/M12 nuts.

Cool, thank you!

I found that M14 nuts were too loose. However, 9/16" nuts are a tight fit and work well.

Thanks for your feedback.
Indeed if M14 nuts are too loose you can use two component adhesive to fix them.