Peg board accessories

by whttigress Nov 5, 2016
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I'm having a hell of a time trying to print these things. Should I lay these side ways or add supports?

the basic hooks I did print sideways, but everything else is as modeled. It has been a while since I printed them, but I think I did use support for them.

Thanks. I'm having a lot better luck with Adhesion and Support. Might be a bit overkill, but it works.

Are these based on 25mm or 1 inch spacing?

1 in (25.5 mm actually)

For those with Fusion360 I've uploaded (one of) the original files. In modify => change parameters some of the dimensions can be altered (the qty controls how many pegs wide it is) Not all of the parameters were used in this particular file, primarily diam (of the peg) dist (between pegs) and qty

I use quite a few of these in my 3d printing shed. Thank you. I particularly like the peg_board_2x3_Alcohol_Bottle_v1 and wonder if you can make a V2 that is 4 hooks wide instead of 2? Making it the same depth as now is fine, or adding a 2nd that is a complete square again is good. I have a few bottles/cans/things I want to put into it, but they just miss fitting.

On a side note, the peg_board_2x3_Alcohol_Bottle_v1 is perfect for my can of Aquanet Hairspray :)

I uploaded a couple new files (peg board 2x4 rectangular v1.stl and peg board 2x4 square v1.stl) they are both 2 pegs high and 4 wide. I haven't tested them, but I think they should work ok. Let me know how it goes, or if you need something different.

Came out fantastic. Thank you SO much :)

Will download and print shortly :) Thank you

Hey! Thanks for this awesome collection!

Could you please do a "Air Duster" peg holder but for 53mm OD cans please? :)


Just uploaded a new peg_board_2x3_Air_Duster_53mm_v1.stl file. Let me know if you have any issues :)

WooHoo! Many thanks for that :)

What orientation do you print these in? I did a test print of the simple 15mm hook and laid it on its side and it wont print no matter how hard i try.

that model I do lay on its side. I think I may have used support on it as well.

For Dutch people: it fits perfectly on 'bed bodem' peg boards. Awesome!

Would you mind adding "customizer" to you tags so that users can adjust these accessories in the Customizer app? I have small jewelry pliers these would be absolutely perfect for, but I would need to adjust some perimeters before printing. Thanks!

My understanding of the way that customizer works is that the designs have to be designed originally in openscad for them to qualify for customizer. I designed these in Fusion 360, so I don't think they would qualify for customization in that way. I could share them in a different format that Fusion 360 can export to though if you have another way to modify them.

I'm an absolute newb to 3D printing so the customizer app is all I'm familiar with using to modify files. Thanks for getting back to me though.