Customizable L-Bracket for T-Slots

by chennes Nov 9, 2016
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I think it was someone else's design im sorry. But what it is between the top hole and bottom right hole is solid so it is not a v on the inside it is a curved solid that gives more support so it will not crack when stressed. My pc did a windows 10 update crashed and lost all of my files
Thank you for the response.

Oh, I understand. No, this design never had that feature, they are specifically designed to lie entirely within the profile of the extrusion so they don't get in the way of any other hardware.

Did your L brack ever have extra support where the upper and lower run meet?
I had printed your T brackets and the worked great! But on the L brackets they seam to have enough support where thet meet.

I'm not sure what you mean by "extra support" here. Do you mean when printing, or when used? What kind of support are you thinking of? I typically just print two brackets, one mirrored across the long leg of the L, and attach them to either side of the extrusion. They are plenty strong for my purposes, but of course you could make them thicker if needed.

do you know a good place online to get t-slot nuts cheap? or do you get yours local?

I buy mine at Amazon.com, I pay about $20 for 100 of them. If you can find a cheaper source let me know!

not working, the result are always 3 cylinders

Thanks, it looks like Customizer no longer directly supports the inclusion of scad-utils. I've manually included the bits I needed now, so give it another shot, it should work now.


just a question, i can use that also for 4040 t-slot?

Yes, if you customize it to set the profile size and overall part width (probably to 40mm for the track width and 35mm for the main width). Also make sure you measure the size of your inserts, since they are going to be bigger than the ones I use in 2020.