Live hinge chair

by LatkinFetter Nov 21, 2013
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I figured out a way to get the DXF to open, but I had to first convert it to SVG format, then back to DXF in Autocad R14 format. I think the reason I was having trouble opening the DXF is that it may be in R12 format. This posting explains the issue:

using an online DXF to SVG converter, I was able to open the SVG of the file in Inkscape and then convert back to R14 DXF which was openable in AutoCAD 2015. I hope this helps anyone else who may have had issues trying to open the file in AutoCAD.

I am also having trouble with the DXF. When I download and open it, it is blank in AutoCAD. Any help would be appreciated.

Im having a hard time downloading the files. Can you just post the dimensions and I will design my chair from scratch based off of those please? Thanks.