Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Archon: the Board Game

by spelpappan Nov 21, 2013
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Whatever became of making a rule set for these pieces?

Just checking in, since it has been a couple of years. Do you have an alpha set of rules for this version of the game yet? I am thinking about building this for a buddy of mine that used to play this with me when we were kids. Thanks for all your work!

I think the combat needs to be some sort of skill game. But how to give advantage in a skill game like that? Hmm. First the skill game, then the variations.

We've been working with the rules for some time. On the one hand, the board game opens up for anyone to create their own combat rules which is great. On the other, I want some interesting combat rules that are built on both strategy and randomnes (dice). It's quite fun to make up rules, so we try around with many different aspect before we decide anything and show the original creators.

Another thing that shows up is that even after you have working combat rules, they have to be even between the light and dark side - which means more tweaking. All icons - even the pawns - need to be balanced. But this is fun!

So awesome!! Nice work.

Check out the "HC Laplacian Smooth" filter from Meshlab. It keeps the 8bit-style edges and gives an organic look.
Great work!

Nice, thank you. I will definitely try this.

I'm starting printing 5 pieces in one time with supports and standard quality in makerbot. 7 hrs.... I think it will be very difficult to trasport the rules

Yep, depending on the printer used they do take some time to print. I only did one piece at a time; if something goes wrong it's easier to throw away one piece instead of all 5.

Well, I've already started to chisel out some plausible rules that I think can work - I just need to test them first a few times. Obviously Archon as a board game is more strategical than action-oriented, as in the original. But sure, if someone can find a set of action rules that work - it would be great :) I'm going for simple rules with dice, right now though.

One of my all time favorites. Can't wait for my printer to get here!

Great idea, awesome models. Very good prints too. Well done all around.

Thanks! I played it a lot on the C64 myself :) I think it will turn into an excellent board game with a bit less action than the computer game, of course - but a lot of strategy.

Holy shit, this is amazing.

Love it .. I played this on the C64!