Remaining filament length calculator

by Deemoss Nov 9, 2016
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I do like this tool. I would very much like to look at your js code: Can you tell me where to find it, or how to extract it from your link?

Thank you for your time!


Ah, I just found it! Never mind!

This is a great tool , just that ihave been looking for. Thank you !

Could the equation be altered to calculate remaining filament length based on how deep your remaining filament is left? You could use a depth gauge on calipers to figure out the remaining depth.

Any chance you could post the equation?


Great tool when running to the end of the spool :)

Looks like its time for me to invest in a filament sensor if i measure incorrectly.

I wish the people that design firmware would add this type of feature into the firmware itself.

I just did measurements of an Inland/eSun spool.

D = measure from edge to filament, double, and subtract from 198
d = 88
W = 55

This is great! Thanks for doing this.

Hello, this is a great idea. But I have a question. How much acurate is this calculator? Or which method of detecting remaining filament is the most acurate?


some time ago I I've made filament spool holder with scale, that do the same thing :P


Spool holder with filament level meter

I think this is Great Sir
Good idea
Thank-you for Sharing

I haven't done any research on this topic now, but wouldn't it be easier to calculate the rest on the spool by the weight? A new spool eg. has 1 kg filament plus the weight of the spool body itself what relates to ??? meters of filament (somebody should know how many meters these are) and if my rest weights 0.nn kg minus spool body I would know the resulting filament meters. Am I wrong?

TuxMan you are right, if you know the wight of your empty spools. I have many spools from different manufacturers, all sizes and weights. For most of them I will not know their empty weight until maybe it's too late :)

Could you change the picture so that there is a cutaway/x-ray of the top spool showing to measure to the inner coil? I could see a lot of people using the diameter of the hole instead of the inner coil.