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by MakerBot Mar 12, 2012
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there is an error in drawing. on Z-stage platform, where are 4 holes for T8 Nut. around of them is a circle. this should not be.

I have this exact printer, everything turns on, however the LCD screen does not turn on. Is there a fix for this?

I have looked at the drawings in sketch up and measured the frame
Now checking the slot sizes for thickness they are 6mm
I have also measured the frame width and measured it against my ctc printer both match.
From what I have seen so far it should be simple to redraw the plans to upscale the printer to a large format printer.
However the main board would have to be changed to a Ramps based board like the geetech gt2560.
Also the hotbed z axis arms would have to be modified to accommodate a larger buildplate.
The other thing I would do is increase the depth of the top section where the y axis mounts to allow for a jocky wheel tensioner to be installed like the one you see in your car.

could this be printed out of pla??

Where can I get 83 teeth GT2 Belt?

Is there a way to increase the printing area, since we are building the printer from scratch anyway?

where can i buy the other parts? extrudes, etc.?

ebay or you can make the extruders.

Does anyone know where I can find the dimensions for all of the frames so I can reproduce to make my own makerbot?

thank you for sharing this!!!!

A twin rotary screw could also be considered. Easer to pull apart and clean.

A small vane pump or something similar would also do the job. Material is much cheaper in granular form.

I just went through the 217 pages of printer parts. Very interesting. Seem to be all filament feeders. If the material is fed from a hopper material like foundry investment casting wax could be used. This would need to be fed with an injection molding machine feed screw type mechanism or a small gear pump submerged in the molten material.

I just joined. I am a retired research engineer familiar with Alibtre Design Pro.
I would like to see the latest extruder designs. Particularly multi head setups and the different methods of feeding the material to the heads either hopper or filament. I will attempt to design a compact multi head system.

How has the design been going?

It looks like i can download the case drawings and lots of drawings of bolt, nuts and washers but is there a parts list for electronics and assembly instructions?

I'm a fan of Makerbot and i had a thought about all the new enclosures being added lately. It seems that there must be an optimal build temp inside the enclosure. Has anyone recorded the internal temps during a typical build which would go from ambient to peek rather than leveling off at an optimum temp.
Do we even know what an optimal build temp is? Surely too much heat is as bad as not enough. If a thermostat could maintain the environment +/- a couple degrees it may be worth investigating. Any thoughts?

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Also what thickness Material is needed for the parts? 6mm by the looks of it?

anyone built this and know off hand?

Does anyone know if this can be cut on a laser with a bed size of 600mm x 300mm? I'm keen to get going here ................. can someone help?

Does anyone have CAD files for the right and left Z-axis arms that hold the HBP?

Mine are warping, I have submitted a ticket to get replacements, but I think I can get some made at work out of a stronger material that will not warp, but still be light in weight.

i have downloaded the dxf replicator lasercut files.
i want to print it to scale 1:1 so i can see the parts at the original size. But when  i trying to print it the print is huge . ( i gave the file to a photocopier center to print it and they told me that is very big ).

.is there something to do before print it ? i am using solidworks

Does anyone have the actual dimensions for the laser cut parts file? I only have corel draw and I need to know so I can scale this properly!

Awesome! I need help ! Someone can make a BOM in rs or mouser web shop with all necessary electronic components for all boards?

i downloaded this file but the sizes came out to over 1000 inches for the whole thing...

So with only this the download and instrucctions things, i could start building one? Because you have other electronics things on the list of things you have designed so im a bit confused

I would be very interested in acquiring vector-art (such as SVG) versions of the canopy parts. I do not have SolidWorks and I would really like to take the plans to a local cutter to get some windows for my new Replicator. Can anyone help?

Added the files to my thing:


(duplicate response but I wanted people to see it here too).

MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!

Hi Guys, I'm new around here. I just downloaded the Replicator zip file and was a little confused by the modeling practices. What is the reason for not using sub-assemblies? Hole wizard and component patterns might improve performance as well. Am I missing something?

I'm wondering if a derivative assembly that includes these modeling features would be appreciated or useful to the community.

Oh, but yeah I don't think a derivative assembly is necessary. Really not many members of the community use solidworks.

Yeah... I also was annoyed by the complete lack of sub-assemblies. Its possible its just from an unfamiliarity with Solidworks. I'm self-taught personally, so I know I have knowledge gaps even on random basic things. But sub-assemblies are really basic...

Not really sure why it ended up this way.

Since most folks around here don't use Solidworks, I wouldn't worry about it.

When are they going to sell kits? I want to build one plus it would be cheaper and faster. Or maybe even a thing-o-matic-upgrade kit.

Non-Solidworks files (STEP, IGES, and Parasolid) and a bill of materials here:


MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!
MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!

Where do you source the really cool square nuts that the Replicator uses? I didn't see them (of that size) on McMaster-Carr and would like to start using those instead of standard hex nuts on some upcoming laser cut projects.

A quick google for M3 Square Nut comes up with this


among other things.

Also try ProStainless, Fastenal, or MrMetric.

Would anyone be interested in buying parts cut from clear perspex to replace the wooden parts?

...Where is there a useable Bill of Materials? How about posting the CAD files in a format that not only one program can open? (convert to parasolid pls)

Now with Bill of Materials too!

MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!

Where's the Stepstruder MK8?

Wasn't this already featured?

Ah, source files are out I guess

Could "Daulstrusion" mean to be "dual-"?

Ok, someone go and laser cut the clear body version. You know you want to.

Done... see my "I made one!"

Great! I was waiting for the release of these source files. Awesome!