OpenLOCK Cut-Stone Walls

by devonjones Nov 11, 2016
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Is it just me or do these not clip well into the triplex bases?There's a huge gap between my tiles and bases..

I printed some parts to test everything. While the floor tiles lock good with the clips, they don't fit in the walls. The part that locks is working, but the part that is directly between two wall segments is to wide. Wall connection is super tight, i could force it in, if i use a pillar its way to tight.
Is there something i need to do to make it fit? A different Clip? Change my print settings?

I don't entirely follow, can you post a photo?

Sorry, i postet on the wrong openlock tiles. Your tiles work perfectly for me. I'm just starting with printed dungeon tiles, it is still a bit confusing for me. Thanks for the work you put in creating these tiles.

With all respect, where are the tiles ? I have only walls and clips. Or did I misread something.

gr Ouwekaas

OpenLOCK as a standard has walls and floors as separate pieces.

You can find the cut-stone floors here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1882293

You can find the rest of cut-stone openlock here: https://www.thingiverse.com/devonjones/collections/openforge-openlock-cut-stone

OpenLOCK Cut-Stone Floors

I'm loving the way these walls and tiles look, but I'm really struggling with how to print them and how they go together. For example, some of the floor tiles, lets use the 3x3 for example, have 2 clip connection points and some of them have 3. Is there a way to know what it is that I need to print, in order to keep it consistent and line up the walls?

I really want to start growing a 3d printed tile collection, but the open lock naming system has me boggled

Openlock is honestly super confusing with it's naming. My suggestion if you are starting out is to do triplex, which basically has all the connectors. (for an example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2343306).

All my bases now support triplex: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2604834

It makes everything easier to understand.

Rampage OpenLOCK Triplex Beta
OpenForge 2.0 Cut Stone OpenLOCK Triplex Base Customizer

Wow, thank you for the rapid response! I'm definitely going to look at that

I just noticed something a little weird on the BA walls. On the side with the clip slot, between the bottom and second-to-bottom bricks, there is a weird gap just cut into the side of the wall. I don't see that on the other walls. Is that intentional?

Fixed. There were some others that had holes, and a number had the openlock cavity close enough to the edge that I wanted to add some buffer.

B, BA, C, D, IA, J, K, AQ, QB & QC updated

Cool! That was much quicker than I expected. Thanks!

Nope, not intentional. Looking at it, it's caused by the openlock bay underneath just being a bit too wide for the part. I'll see if I can roll a fix soon.

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hi, really nice walls, but i found a bug in the wall D 3x0,5, one side of the bottom is too thin, resulting in a hole when printed

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For some reason I cannot open the walls in TinkerCad. I would SO love to be able to print more than just one wall at a time! I get a corrupt message whenever I try... but the locking mechanism opens fine. Weird.

LOVE ALL YOUR STUFF btw. Thanks for all your contributions!

Hrm, I'll take a look and see if those can use a repair.

I really like this! Lets you repurpose the floor tiles as needed.

I was looking at your example floor plans and I'd like to point out that as long as you're using 2x2 squares, you really only need 3 walls, the "A", "AB", and "AC". Your users could avoid printing tons of extra wall types "just in case".

Here's a picture demonstrating this for your viewing pleasure! Take a look:

Once you get into the 2x1 and 1x1 tiles, that of course gets a little more complicated, but even the full 9 walls you currently have don't really allow for a zig-zagging 1x1 corridor anyway.

Nice finding.

I'll add this image to the set. The one thing is that while it's possible to probably tesselate anything, in practice, if you don't plan it out before game time, it can still be useful to have some of the BA, CA edges, just in case of in your building out of something, when you are putting things together and run into a problem merging two lengths of wall, you have a few of the opposite facing to filling the mistake rather then having to tear it all back down to build it out the right way.

If you do all your dungeon design ahead of time though, that's not much of a problem.