RepRap Wallace (Nema 17 and M8 rods edition)

by wisewolf Mar 9, 2012
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What's the best extruder for this printer ?

Hi Wisewolf, I saw that you build the frame with a 200mmx200mm build length but I cannot find the lengths of the M8 threaded rod and stainless rod you used to achieve that. did you post that somewhere? Yes I downloaded the scad file and realized how out of my element I am

Hi! This isn't my design, and never built one :-P.

The person behind the original design is whosawhatsis (http://www.thingiverse.com/whosawhatsis)http://www.thingiverse.com/who...

Do you think this would fit with Printrbot's X axis? (rods are M8)

I am going to print the base from Wallace, because it is more stable, and I need to know if some change is required :)

I really don't know, but yesterday this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23889http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... showed up, it's printable feets, like they use in Printrbot LC.


Great, I will definitely use them, thanks!

But Y axis is still very unstable, since the belt is not aligned with the middle of the platform. Maybe I can print an adapted Y idler. Do you have any advise on this? Thank you!

I really don't :( have you tried to use a idler like the walace use?

Yes, I have made an idler and now it works fine. Wallace was a good inspiration. Thanks!

Thanks for the upload :-) I'm finding that the 200mm plate doesn't slice with Slic3r, but the 100mm ones do, so will use those...

Actually, 100mm plate 2 didn't slice either, and the others came up with errors. Are there any particular settings (such as layer height) I should be using?

I think the error is in the MX pulleys and the heated bed supports.

Try this site to repair them http://cloud.netfabb.com/http://cloud.netfabb.com/

i'm on vacation and unable to upload repaired files, until this next sunday :(

WOOH! the idler pulley.stl is very bad... Slic3r would not slice it because of "none manifoiled " and SFACT gave a lot of "dangeling edges" messages.... could you fix thit maybe?

Download it again, with skeinforged the error (dangling edges) has disappeared after one import and one export in Blender.

Give me some feedback, please :)

Please do post 100mm plates for those of us who don't quite have 200mm print areas.

And there you have it! :-D

I will do that in the next few days ;)

What settings for fill and inset do you guys recommend for this?

It looks like you could switch the X_end_right with the idler pulleys, slipping the X motor mount between X_end_left and X_carriage, and that would give you room to add the motor pulleys where the X motor mount currently is.

I've re-arranged in a similar way you've did in your 200mm plate setup, with minor changes, but there's something strange, in your openscad file there are 2 pulleys missing. I think i've exported all from the openscad file. Can you take a look please? Thanks ;)

He's got the MXL pulleys in the "pulley with collar.scad" file on the github page at


Whosawhatsis used ".29mm layers with a w/t of 1.5, for a thread width of .435mm (these settings also put out plastic at the perfect rate to minimize warping of ABS with a .4mm nozzle)" for these pulleys, deep in the comments on his Wallace page.

Thanks, I'll add it as soon i have a little bit of time ;)