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by Jackal Nov 11, 2016
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I haven't seen where anyone has tried to print the integrated one yet. I'm about to attempt it. If it works, I'll be using the multi-color plugin in OctoPrint to swap out the color on the filament about every 5 or 6 layers. Should produce a cool diagonal stripe effect on the pieces! :) I'll post an update to let folks know how it turned out.

I've been playing with this since I got my printer and dead set it's the best thing on Thingiverse.

Glad you like it :)

How loose is this thing supposed to be? I have the original and the tolerance 1 sets printed and assembled. The original doesn't squeak, but if I flatten it into a triangle, it stays put if I pick it up by one unit. The tolerance 1 set droops as soon as I pick it up. Which one is closer to the "intended" stiffness?

I have no idea since it is just a remix of the 'original' Fidget Widget. It is up to personal preference.

Tolerance 1 file on my Monoprice Maker Select V2 is perfect! My son loves it, thank you for the file :)

Glad that he loves it :)

Hi, would you mind sharing the solidworks file?

There you go

I am not really good at solidworks, hope the file is enough for you to edit.

Thanks again for modifications. I printed the Tolderance 1 and 1.5 then handed the original, and the two new models to my students. Over 160 handled these over two days. They were turned thousands of times. And then they shared their thoughts. They all liked the Tolerance 1 the best. They thought the original was just a bit tight and squeaked and the 1.5 was too loose. It "rattled" and the looseness made it hard to turn smoothly. If you ever want honest critics, poll ten classrooms of kids. You will get more feedback than you know what to do with. Now all the kids want one and the counselor and teachers want them for their classrooms to calm wiggly or upset students, They work like a charm. So, the kids are going to print them on the school printers, sand them and deliver them around school.

By the way, your assistance in altering your design gave the students a picture of how manufacturing and open source design is going to change our lives in the future. The kids used the computers to read our discussion and how this tiny widget was changed and then looked at other designs, bouncing ideas off each other about how they would change or use them. I know this was just a small design project for you but it has become a lesson for my third, fourth and fifth graders. So, again, thank you.

Glad to see that you and your students like it. This is actually the first thing i posted on Thingivers, which is just a remix I made with my limited knowledge with CAD software. Never thought it would have such an impact. I wish we had 3D printers when I was in my forth grade, that would have been so much more fun :D

First, thank you for the smooth edges. I made this fidget widget after making the other one on Thingaverse. It is still SO tight. It took serious sanding with three grits of paper to get the pieces to move. I let my students manipulate it all day. It was turned thousands of times during the day by hands of all sizes. They all enjoyed this but still think it can move more smoothly. It squeaks. Is there a way to reduce the interior dimension of the arms but keep the "knobs" in the same place to allow the round head to move more easily? I've tried to replicate the design but haven't had luck yet. I'd love this for my students, but it still needs tweaking to stop the squeaking!

Hi there, just want to make sure that what you want is the spacing between the 'legs' to be wider? And which one did you print? The integrated one or the separated one?
Would it be better if I provide you the sldprt file?

I printed six individual segments. The space between the legs is just a bit tight, so I sanded the sides pretty aggressively with 250, 500 and 1000 wet/dry. I reamed out the hole a bit as well. The kids think the inside of the legs rubbing causes the squeaking, particularly on the outside. I think maybe its the pressure of the "knobs" inside the hole causing some of the sound. I've tried to find a way to increase the hole size but I'm not that talented (yet). The PLA is holding up to the thousands of rotations this model has already been through and the kids find the design satisfying so it's a design we'd like to perfect so they can print lots.

I have uploaded a few STLs with different tolerances. The original one has 0.5mm tolerance, the thickness of the piece and the knobs diameter are both 6mm. So the 'Tolerance 1' will have 7mm spacing between the legs and a 7mm diameter hole.
Try them out and see if they fit better. I can make more if you need something in between those tolerances :D

First, thanks for working through this with me. I printed tolerance 1 tonight and then went through my three stage sanding. It has only a few sticky spots and the links actually moved easily from the start with minimal squeaking. I gave it a spray of SailKote/McLube and it now works quietly enough for a fidgety fourth grader to hold in assembly. The larger holes made a difference. There is still some rubbing inside the legs, but it is greatly reduced.
Tomorrow I will print another file for comparison and let the students give their opinions. They are trying to figure out the math on how to draw this on paper, as well.