Helical Gear Fidget Toy

by spingoogL Nov 12, 2016
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I'm curious how the 3 way and 4 way housings work and which parts you used for them?

Anyway you want. The 3 or 4 way would likely be central, however it is not absolute.
Using a 3 way, you would print 2X 3-way, 6X single ended, and 4 cores. With same, you will need 4 gears.
Very important to consider is the twist of the gear.
Two gears with OPPOSITE twist will mesh FLAT.
Gears with SAME twist mesh at 90 degrees.

I built one smaller version that uses 6 gears.
Have a good look at the twist of each gear.

Wow thats super cool! I'm guessing the small one doesn't have any bearings? I think it just clicked how it all works haha. I think i'll try the 3 way it looks pretty neat.

Please tell me why you need a groove in the middle of the gear? I can't install the bulbs.... Or can I?

Printed in woodfill, sanded and finished with polycrylic, looks amazing and spins freely.

how long does this take to print PLA?

6-8 hours, depending on layer thickness

How many bb's do you use? Do you fill the entire ring with them?

I fill the entire ring. I like to use a drop of vegetable oil for lube as well.

To make like the photos.
4x fidgetgear05_housing.stl
2x fidgetgear05_cylinderXX.stl
1x fidgetgear05_gear01.stl
1x fidgetgear05_gear01_05bl.stl

There are three cylinders to choose from. I had trouble printing the one with the radius.
I ended up using the straight cylinder and cut the radius with a knife after assembly.

I also smooth out the whole thing with sand paper, and brushed with acetone to make it shiny.

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Nice ! It would be cool to have more detailed instructions about what to print. There are many files in the zip, do we have to print them all ?