Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Gopro Hero5 stereo rig

by AlexNZ Nov 12, 2016
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Thanks for publishing this AlexNZ. I just purchased a print and looking forward to giving it a try. Any recommendations on software to combine the video for 3D TVs?

Normally you should use GoPro original app (GoPro Studio) but since it works ONLY with synced via original orange cable footage you will not be able to get automatic sync, and this way is closed for us. So i use Adobe After Effects for syncing and color correction. Basically all you should do is to drop both footages (left and right) on a timeline, find some noticeable audio-peak on both audio tracks and align them as close as you can (minor shift in frame or half frame is ok, and i never saw 100% alignment )) )
After you align footage on timeline clip both clips and do what you want (i.e. cut, color-correct, etc.)
Important things not to miss:
1) while shooting - clap your hands 2-3 times near the camera - you will get nice noticeable audio peaks at the start
2) try not to swap left and right footage )) - or you will get strange headache while watching it on a TV ))

what mediums have everyone bend used and what style printer is it?


I print it in PLA and i print it in ABS. Both are fine. Printer is a FFD-style Mendel II type

I hope i get your question right...

Hi, I was tested the 3d effect with your rig, and It look very good when you taking close up things or peoples, however when you taking a place, landscape, area... it was not much 3d effect, so, will you make a side by side version for a landscape 3d video? Thanks

Hello! I believe that this does not give us any noticeable effect because far objects (further than 50-100m) will be too far anyways for giving stereo effect on virtually ANY rig, no matter how wide lenses will be placed in a rig. Moreover GoPro original stereo-rig uses exactly the same distance between the lenses...

Thanks for writing to me to tell me that

Sorry about my last question in wrong post, I'm asking for hero5's one(This one)
I have take a picture, Please check this out(Don't worry, that link is google photo, no virus):


The right side is down about 2mm, Thanks again

i made a fix (correction for 1 mm) please try to print and we'll see how it will be

i will make a fix for this
Could you please measure exact shift?
i do not own Hero5 and make this by 3d-model of Hero5 so there might be mistakes

Thanks, I hope this photo may help

The top one is right side, I think that need to be about 3 mm is better

one more thing, you may add menu button is better, becaue this one have no menu button hole, but I try use that gopro hero5's model to create a hole, that was ok for hero5: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1913100

by kaboom

Please try this new model: i lower camera even more and added holes for menu button

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Please try this new model: i lower camera even more and added holes for menu button

Thanks, I will try it later and tell you the result

Fixed Menu hole location, please try

Thanks, It is fit for Hero 5 Black now:

This is menu's button:

(I juse my electric drill to make microphone's hole [Because Hero 5 can use voice control], it is easy and if you create a small hold @rig, your printer may use flame to cover it, so that may use drill make a hole is better)
If you don't mind you can use my photo of hero 5, that may help your design, Thanks again

Yes, another another one near @menu button(Top of it)

Thank you! i will add your photo to thing!

If you point me a place where is this microphone hole must be i will add it to design

Thanks, but that hold is too small, hard to print it normally

No worries ) holes about 2-3mm prints just fine. You can re-print updated version
Thanks again for photos!

Thanks, I just try to print your new rig, but I find you still missing up 2 hold for microphone, because Hero 5 have 4 micphone hole @top of menu's button.

could you please provide photo of last rig with mark on correct hole position - i will make fix (sorry i have no hero5 on my hands)

The red arrow's one, you may use this model to help you for easy to get the hole position.


by kaboom

Thanks, but I think the last one is good for me(because I have create microphone hole with drill), and I have not much flame left now

Thanks, but I think the last one is good for me(because I have create microphone hole with drill)

please share footage on youtube when you make one!

ok! happy new year )

Thanks, I just make a dual lens's cover for your ring:

I'm thinking how to protect GoPro Hero 5 and don't let them fall down when using this rig.

GoPro Hero 5 Dual Len's cover for stereo rig

Nice lens protection!
As for falling out: i believe cameras sits WERY tight in the rig, so there is no need for exrta measures...

Because Hero 5 is heavy than Hero 4, and all weight come from body and that len's cover(official one), so I'm afraid it may fall down . if something can locked it on rig it is safe for use

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