His and Her Owls

by Mr_MegaTronic Mar 10, 2012
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hi these owls are stunning.is it possible to get the owls on a separt file?i have a mini printer.
thanks you

this is are two awesome for me to even look at

i had these same files on an sd card which came with my Anycubic i3 Mega ...are you the original designer of these owls ??

The original file was a single owl designed by the user Cushwa. I remixed the model with a top hat and flower. So of it has those, it came from here otherwise the original owl is from Cushwa.

I just got my I3 Mega and can confirm it uses the His and Her Owls model, not the original it was remixed from.

someone is selling your model https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/animals/bird/cartoon-animal-sculpture-model-a-pair-of-owls-a045 and not giving you proper credit.
also people should be wary of the default license applied by thingiverse CC - Attribution
as long as proper credit is given then its anything goes.

Anybody else having problems printing this in ABS - twice now it has torn itself from the bed - it happens in the same place just as it starts to print the 'lip' of the face I could try levelling the bed again but Im sure its level as it did priint in pla.

Hello, my daughter likes the boy owl but would like a crown on the girl. Perhaps a crown is over-the-top so can you make a tiara for her? tia for your consideration.

Sorry for leaving the details out. Using a recently purchased SD 4, using the stock/recommended Repetier with Slicer3. I am using the standard settings which work fine for other things on Thingiverse. Used PLA and ABS, no Joy. The owl prints perfectly at first, then right above the eyes/eye brows, it starts building to the left. I am a bit new at this and possibly I have something set wrong for this G-Code. Thanks for your help. J.P.

Have tried this twice... This get's to top of Bride Owl, then moves over to where the Groom Owl would be and starts
extruding into space. You have been warned.

I noticed the female owl has inverted triangle and around eye level on the female is where everything goes crazy. I had to repair the model in netfabb before I could slice it successfully.

What make and model of 3D printer are you using? These have been printed hundreds of times by different printers and users and only a few people report problems. I'm curious what you are using and what your print settings are. Thanks

I loaded the model into slic3r and i had the same Problem with the bride. Then pressed split in Slic3r and had 2 Models. Now it was fine.

I am printing now at 0.1mm layer height but the problem is that the feather tips are about 1mm AWAY from the body and I'm printing without supports so the printer tries to drop plastic in mid air which means a blob of olastic lands somewhere else. I'm surprised no one else has mention this.

What model of printer are you using? 0.1 mm layer height is pretty aggressive for many printers and many designs have features that overhang by only a little. It is pretty well understood that 0.1 mm is pushing it for most filament type printers and not all designs can handle it.

I'm using a Flashforge Dreamer. I can print down to 0.05mm without much of a problem and 0.1mm seems to work fine. But when I slice the model, the bottom of the feather tips are actually lower than the rest of the feather so that means the printer will try and put a drop of plastic in mid air. But these blobs were super easy to remove from the model, a slight touch with a stanly knife and a shot from a lighter cleaned it up in a flash.

To follow-up on my post below: I fixed the "inside-out" owl problem and did a successful test print using MakerWare and an MBot Cube 2. I posted the updated STL files at the following link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:132938http://www.thingiverse.com/thi.... If you are using MakerWare, download that STL file.

His and Her Owls (MakerWare-friendly!)

For those with MakerWare issues: the right owl has inverted normals -- they're all facing inwards. So each "outer" surface of the female owl is interpretted as an interior surface. This is why it shows up weird in MakerWare (it's displaying the interior of an object), and it doesn't print properly, because it's not sure what to do.

I loaded the STL file in Blender and was able to verify this is the case. All I had to do was select all the faces of the right owl (switch to orthographic front-facing, numpad-1, numpad-5, and then 'b' for box select). Then on the left-menu there is a button for "Normals -> Flip Direction". Once I did that, I re-exported to STL and it looks fine in MakerWare. I haven't tried printing it yet, but if it works I will upload the updated STL as a derivative of this one.

I had this problem with some simpler models that I made in Blender: I created some surfaces/objects, but some of the normals were facing the wrong way and MakerWare freaked out and printed garbage. If you are making a model in Blender, you can switch to edit mode, open the properties menu ("N" key), select the "Normals->Show Face" button, and then set the size to 1.0 or higher. Any outer surface of your model should have the normal extending outwards into open air, not into the model.

Hi, I've just opened it on Slic3r and its only printing one of the owls.. any idea why? Thanks
Excellent work btw :)

When I open this file in MakerWare the female owl is a dark shade of grey and wont print. Any idea how to fix that?

This was my first print.  I was amazed how great the feathers look.  My extruder was a little hot for the top hat, which made it melt crooked, so it looks like he has a battered old hat.  It still looks great.

This model prints ideally without any artifacts!

this is very cool, too

is there any way to print these guys separate?

These are great indeed. And big too, so I scaled them down for first try.

Grey and Yellow went fine but as you can see on the left, my black PLA gave e troubble :-)

Thanks for this thing

I flubbed a print that left an owl without horns, so I glued on a tophat. Then I saw this! Fantastic model man!

That is AWESOME! Thanks so much for doing this. What a great idea!. That is Sweet! I love it.