A-maze-ing Gift Card Box

by julvr Nov 16, 2016
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Thank you John! This worked great, and made for a fun present!

Am I the only one who needs instructions nohow to put together or at least where to glue? Help!

Don't glue anything together until you have made sure everything slides properly when together. i.e. sand as suggested in the description first.
MainBottom is glued to whichever main top you choose. Slots and tabs make it so there is only one way for it to go.
Cardbottom is glued to whichever card top you choose. A post on the bottom fits into the hole on the card top.

The slider sits on top of the card top/bottom assembly but is not glued to anything. A tiny tab holds it in place.

The gift card goes into the card top/bottom assembly, and everything goes into the main top/bottom assembly.

OK, I posted a new slider which should reduce the sanding to almost zero. It has a lower profile, so it fits better. I also beveled the bottom to eliminate first-layer-overprint issues for sliding. It still may need to be touched up if the printer outputs any burrs. Let me know if anyone has any problems with this version.

The spacing between main bottom and maze top is approx 1mm too narrow for the box to slide into. I remade the main bottom with 1mm taller walls, and everything fits.

made 3 sets. some of the parts seem too thick to be able to slide into the other parts without alot of sanding.

Thanks for the feedback -- I've received the similar comments from other sources as well. Can you expand on which pieces you needed to sand exactly, as I'm planning on updating it a bit, and I'd like to get more info, on what needs to be adjusted.

For background, the design is made to be very tight, as even the smallest tolerances can make it feel sloppy. Unfortunately, different printers/slicers produce different variations on width (some printers overprint by 0.1 mm, some by 0.2mm, etc). As well, the bottom layer is often overprinted by as much as 0.3mm, depending on bed calibration. The end result is that some sanding is inevitable, especially for the slider. I do know that the tab height of the slider is a touch to high, and I'm planning on lowering that (likely by just one layer though -- .2 mm). It should still be sanded lightly for sliding no matter what, as most printers produce a rough surface at the top layer, and two rough surfaces can cause extra friction.

In my case the stackup of the nameplate/base/slider. Was too thick to fit into the maze. I had to sand my nameplate/base down to 5.25mm. and the slider down to 3.0mm. (prusa i3 mk2s, esun pla+)

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which parts do i need to print to make one of these

For the base, you need to print out one of the mazes, and the part that says 'by John Ulvr' on it. Note: use the Thingview to look at the front -- one of the mazes has a guitar, the other shows the maze (to make it easier), and the third is plain, which makes it harder to solve

For the slider there's three parts: the back (which is the larger piece with the square in the corner), the slider, (which is the narrower piece with two rectangles on the sides, and a cut from the bottom), and the front (which has the words on it). If you want to change the words, there is a link to the customizer in the post. You can use it to create a personalized message. Also note that you will likely need to lightly file the left edge (if looking from the front, words right way up) of this piece to prevent sticking. Most printers create a small lip near this edge that catches.

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What scale should I be printing at? The customizer piece comes as an STL with sizing set already, but the other pieces are .obj without sizing info.

I didn't realize .obj files didn't have scaling in them -- thanks for pointing that out. I'll attach some stl's.

Thanks. If you build one, let me know how well it works for you. I'm concerned that the tolerances won't work well on other printers.

I was just thinking about a puzzle box for gift cards the other day, Nice work.