Yet Another Wanhao Duplicator Spool Holder

by bekroogle Nov 14, 2016
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Works great! lots of clearance so can finally leave it to print without worry. Does not work with the stock nut but it does perfectly with the one made available here.

Snapped twice on me - even with 80% infill.

What is the height, diameter, and thread size? (only of threaded part). I want to remix with a threaded rod and spool adapter for better axis of rotation.

Sorry. I just now saw your comment. I can look this information up if you still need it.

What orientation did you print this on? Thread at the bottom? Thanks for the file!

Thread on top. This was my first model and I didn't know how to export in the proper orientation. ;)

I've tried printing the nut a few times while modifying the scale a bit. I haven't been able to make it fit at all. It is a good bit smaller than I think it should be.

Okie dokie... I added two new files to the thing:

  1. The spindle in the proper orientation for printing and
  2. A version of the nut with an extra 0.1 mm tolerance added to the threads.

Unfortunately, I was screwing with my firmware and can't get my printer up tonight, so I haven't tested it yet.

Hrm... I did design it with zero tolerance, though for me, it took a bit of force at the start, but screwed right on after that. And most people who have had problems seem to be able to solve it by scaling up...

Tell, you what—I'll see if I can redesign the nut with some tolerance in it before I go to bed tonight. In the meantime, if you feel compelled to keep trying, I'd suggest playing with other print settings: maybe reduce the extrusion multiplier, lower temperature...

I have noticed that concentric full/tops & bottoms sometimes fit looser than lines.

On my Monoprice Maker Select, the nut would not screw on as-provided, but at 102% scale, it fit great. Thanks for the great design - I've found that some spools are simply too wide for the stock holder, and bind up.

Note that SainSmart TPU comes on a roll with a 32mm hole and doesn't fit on this spool. Still a great part for other rolls!

That's disappointing, but thanks for letting me know.

Any chance this could be made a about 5cm longer? Got a really fat spool which doesn't quite fit this =(

You should be able to scale up the z-axis in your slicer, say 10%. I imagine that would do it.

what is the minimum diameter of spool hole that the spindle can fit into? (to fit over that end bit)

I just measured the "end bit" with some calipers. It looks like as long as the spool hole is greater than 35.5mm, you should be okay.

Alternatively, you could shrink the X and Y axes in the slicer to make the whole thing narrower.

Prints and looks really good! Had a bit of trouble getting the nut to screw on past a few lines of thread, but lucky the stock nut that come with the printer fits perfectly. Thanks :)

I printed another one and noticed that the nut goes on easy one way and gets stuck then flipped around

Which way make it get stuck?

I designed it to have the rounded edges on the outside, but I don't recall any design decisions that should make it directional. Perhaps it has to do with the threads sagging during printing.

it got stuck with the round edges on the outside - turns out that my bed was a bit too close to the nozzle so the first layer got pushed down and out too much. I cut the edges on the nut with a knife and now it fits perfectly from both directions. Thanks for checking in!

Giving this a go today. Just got my printer a Maker Select v2 and my spools already don't fit lol.

Yeah, the spool holder that comes with the printer is a joke. I hope it works out for you. Lemme know if you have any criticisms or suggestions for improvement.

Still haven't got this to print. Settings were off for me so far. I'm on 1.75 filament and cura isn't wanting to slice it. She goes all endless loop only with this print.

That's odd. Which version of Cura are you using? If you would like, I can give you the g-code directly and see if that works.

Was gifted the Monoprice Maker Ultimate for christmas (A variation on the Wanhao), and was also given two spools of filament that were too large to fit on the stock holder! I printed this with your suggested settings using the PLA that came with my printer at 195 head temp and 50 bed temp. Came out fantastic, and have already installed it and loaded up my bigger spools to print with.

Thank you for uploading this design, I really appreciate it

Yeah, I made this because my "monoprice" ABS spool didn't fit on my "monoprice" printer. I'm glad it's working for you and I appreciate the comment!