Mini Drawers Ultimate

by zeropage, published

Mini Drawers Ultimate by zeropage Nov 14, 2016


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  • 09.10.2017 -- Reworked the filenames. Added missing houses/drawers like the 2x1 magnet versions. Added new sizes 1x3 and 2x2.
    Right now, we have 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 as well as 2x1 and 2x2 houses and drawers each as a magnet and non-magnet version.✓ Soon I will add 2x3 as well as the whole 3x1..3 series, so there will be some big badda boom boxes available. For even bigger sizes or houses and drawers with slot-in magnets please use the Scad-files to produce the required STLs (see next Log-entry).

  • 09.10.2017 -- Finally! Added three Scad-files that allow you to create arbitrarily sized houses and drawers with or without magnets and you can choose whether you have the standard glue-in magnet slots or -new!- drop-in magnet slots.
    All praise has to go to @ofloveandhate who rewrote the original code to enable the aforementioned parametrizations. Dani, thanks a lot!
    Please note that this is work in progress and that you need to use OpenScad to create your own STL-files!
    How to: Use "assembly.scad" to produce a house and an accompanying drawer at the same time. Very important: If you choose drop-in magnets, you must edit the "house.scad" and uncomment a couple of lines of code. Read the comments carefully.

  • 24.05.2017 -- Added a 1x1 drawer with three slots (magnet and non-magnet version).

  • 09.05.2017 -- Added a 2x1 house and drawer. Thanks to Elerion for beta printing! And a good tip from Elerion for those whose printers produce drawers that are too tightly fitting: Reduce the drawers' sizes by 1% on the X and Z axes. Magnet versions of the 2x1 set tbd.

  • 23.01.2017 -- My drawers glided too easily in their houses with the result that they tended to slide open when my drawer phalanx was (accidentally) touched. Or, much worse, nuts, screws, and other stuff got spilled over my table. Since I already printed a lot of houses and drawers, I underwent the pain to drill a plethora of 8mm holes to glue 8mm x 1mm magnets to the backside of the houses and drawers. See this video how the houses/drawers with magnets work and look like.
    To ease things for the future, all MD Ultimate files are now available in two versions: With and without holes for 8mm x 1mm magnets! (I used these magnets from AliExpress.)

  • 31.12.2016 -- A double sized drawer with divider was missing. masterman274 was so kind to provide this one. Thank you! (Please note that I added an according drawer in the meantime while dealing with the magnet stuff; cf. above.)

  • 15.11.2016 -- Added a drawer with two slots.


What is this thing?
This is a remix of TrevM's Mini Drawers. The original design is great but I needed some improvements. Thankfully, TrevM provides the *.scad-files, so the required changes could be made using OpenSCAD:

  • The runners did not fit perfectly in the slots. I think it depends on your 3D printer how snuggly these pieces fit together. I added a global variable "runnersDiameter" to the corresponding *.scad-files so adjusting the runner's diameters is quiet easy. I was fine with 2.85mm.

  • To prevent the drawers from falling out when pulling too far I added a small stopper on the top/front inside of the house.

  • The handles were too delicate for my fingers so I made them oval and increased their protrusion.

  • To minimize elephant feet I added chamfers to the bottom of the drawer and handle using the Chamfered primitives for OpenSCAD library by TimeWaster.

  • I added a chamfer on the inside of the drawer (handle-side) to get things out more easily. Well, good plan, but that does not work so great. I stay with the chamfers so I can at least tell myself that they reinforce the drawer's structure... ;)

  • Finally, I added a double height house and drawer for more, biggger, or clunky stuff.

Tell me if you need help or something specific!

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



Ultimaker 2






Some notes on printing: I tried a lot of different settings (in Cura) to optimise quality and print speed. My best settings with a 0.4mm nozzle so far:

  • Layer height 0.16mm
  • Shell thickness 0.4 mm
  • Bottom/top thickness 0.8mm
  • Fill density 0% (yes, zero!)
  • Print speed 70 mm/s
  • no support, no brim

A word on zero infill: Since neither the houses nor the drawers will -in most cases- experience a lot of stress they, thus, do not need to be rock solid. Using zero infill with a shell thickness of 0.4mm is kind of spiralizing the inner and outer walls and only filling the top and bottom. This results in reduced printing times and a sufficient strength.

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Thank you for this awsome drawers! It helped me alot in organizing all the small parts i have in the workshop!

Your welcome! :-)

How difficult would it be to make some part like, say, the bottom part, but that would screw on the wall?
I wish to screw one on the wall every few of them so it's actually strong enough to hold all the drawers.


Nice idea but first time I printed 2X1 3 slots with magnet and printed housing I cannot open it more than it's show shown in the picture. Wider gab between parts would also helped... :/

It is hard to tell from the picture you posted what the problem is. Every 3D printer has tolerances and while most of the people seem to be fine with the dimensions there are some that encounter issues. In this case you should try to scale the house up or the drawer down by a tiny fraction, reprint, and check if the resulting prints fit better.

Tried to print a "Mini drawers ultimate" by zeropage and interrupted the print at the start.
I am getting ripples in the first layer. Am I printing with the nozzle too close at the 1st layer? Anyone know? I print with half the normal speed and no fat for the 1st layer but I only have a 1st layerheight of 0.25mm with subsequent layers of 0.2mm.
Material PLA, bed temp 60 and nozzle 200.

Any ideas?

Can you specify what you mean by "ripples"? Can you post a picture? that would help a lot to assess the situation.

Great design!!! Just a question....why no put a label keeper in front to let put a paper with was inside and change the label if change the things? Sorry for my english, hope you know what I want to mean...Something like this:

Hi Sergio,
that is a good idea and there is currently work in progress to build arbitrarily sized drawers/houses as well as to have text labels that can directly be printed on the front of a drawer. That would be an alternative to what you suggested.
Yours is, of course, more flexible, so I will definitely put that on my todo list!
Best wishes

Thanks a lot mate!!!!! Great work!

This printed really nice with no support but nothing but the tiniest of pulls will fit the little slots. Also, the tolerance seemed a bit loose and there is zero resistance when turning the pill container. Might try a scaled up version with a rougher filament.

Any hints on print settings are welcome! Many people seem to be fine with the print params I suggested. But all printers have tolerances. Thus it would be helpful if you provided not only print settings or scaling tips but also what kind of 3D printer you use.
Best wishes, Axel

has anyone produced a more generic .scad file, in which i can specify the horizontal or vertical span of the generated drawer assembly? i'd like to be able to make, like, 3x3 just by changing the numbers from 1 and 2, for example

i edited the scad file to produce arbitrary natural number multiples of the fundamental house unit. i will print a 2x3 tonight, and see if i got everything right. i think i did.

everything's coming up milhouse. 2x3 worked great, 3x4 printing now. if you're reading this before this thing gets updated, wait til new source gets posted to make bigger drawers. new ones incoming!

Any idea when this scad will be available? Would really like to make some wide drawers for drill bits

i am so close! i intend to send the original author @zeropage my new code, and then they will do some testing to ensure they trust my changes. so, can't speak for zeropage, but next week?

Hej all,
as soon as I can lay my hands on @ofloveandhate's reworked code I will do some quick checks. More a matter of quality assurance than not trusting ofloveandhate. ;-) After that I will upload the files immediately. Thus, next week is ACK by me.

Sounds good, thanks for the reply

The Scad-files have been uploaded! :-)

Hey, I am just wondering if you use glue to stick the magnets, how about slots at the back instead? That way you don't have to glue anything. You would just slot the magnet in and you are good to go.

You think of something like this?
An interesting idea. The back wall would have to be thicker. The distance between the drawer's and the house's magnets along with the smaller diameter of the outer hole would decrease adhesion. But that might not be too dramatic.
All in all a pretty good idea that could also be applied to the houses, too! :-)

Hey zeropage!

That looks awesome! Yeah the back wall would have to be thicker but I think it'll be easier and less actual components, just 3d print, magnet and you're good to go!. You might not even need the hole at the back because of the strength of the neodymium magnets.

You sure do reply real fast! :p Thanks so much. I'm trying your prints out at 150% scale because 100% scale is too small for me. Looks good though and luckily I'm only printing for test. I'll have to reprint your new models again if you release the slotted magnet version :)

Right, the hole might not even be needed. I still think that the glued version does not impose that much more work: Just 3D print, one drop of superglue and you're good to go, too. ;-) But I always like to reduce the number of steps required to fulfil a task, so I will start with the 1x1 drawer and see how the slot-in mechanism works. You are now officially invited to my beta test program. ;-) Cheers, Axel

Any updates on this :) Excited to print one to test it out.

The Scad-files have been uploaded! :-)

Woohoo! Thanks :)

Read here -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1889761/#comment-1527228
Management summary: Very soon! :-)

Mini Drawers Ultimate

Hi. No 2x1 with magnet holes? :)

Ah, yes, unfortunately still tbd. But now that I know that there is at least one who wants them I will push them up on my todo list. :-)

I need it too! and 2x2 also !)

I uploded Scad-Files that allow you to create arbitrarily sized houses and drawers! :-)

In my opinion, under no circumstances should this be printed at 0% infill! I'm using Simplify3D, and when I tried 0% infill with a 0.4mm nozzle, every wall it printed was comprised of 2 perimeters that made no contact with one another, right up to the top layer. I could easily separate the layers with my fingers. Attempts at connecting this piece with another totally contorted the piece and bent it out of shape. I printed another set using Simplify3D's "Allow single extrusion fill" (which fills in between perimeters with a very thin line that connects the 2 perimeters), and the parts came out much sturdier.

Also, I'm not sure why there were no top solid layers when I set infill to 0%. I have it set to 3.

EDIT: Actually, it appears that changing the infill in Simplify3D has absolutely no effect on this print when I have "Allow single extrusion fill" selected. Only when I select "Allow gap fill" does it make the walls hollow.

EDIT 2: The drawers fit perfectly without scaling for me, but the runners are extremely tight when fitting into each other. Once they're in there, there isn't a force on this planet that will separate them!

i printed 0% just last night with simplify, and a 0.35mm nozzle. whether they contact or not depends on the infill width, not the nozzle diameter, per se. increase the width, and they will touch. i think 0.5mm should be ok. i think i used 0.42, and love they way they printed. am printing with petg at the moment.

you can also play games with the single-extrusion fill overlap percentage. this can be ok, or lead to what is essentially overextrusion. it's a line to walk fo sho

i scaled the drawers to 0.995, and they fit beautifully.

Hi Malek,

thanks for taking the time to comment. Please note that many people successfully printed the drawers with 0% infill. It is correct and on purpose that with this setting the inner and outer walls do not connect. Since the drawers are small and usually do not experience heavy stress it is for most use cases sufficient to only have the top and bottom layers closed. Since I am using Cura, I unfortunately can not assist you with the settings for Simplify3D.
All 3D printers have differing tolerances with respect to print precision. Some people reported loose runners, others, like you, tight ones. If you are familiar with OpenSCAD you might try to increase the diameter of the slots. Or decrease the diameter of the runners.

Send me a message if I can be of assistance.


Thanks for the response. I tried to open the scad files, but when I tried opening a few, all that it displayed is an oval in the preview window. Also, shouldn't there be a "Chamfer.scad" file? I noticed all files say "include " at the beginning, but I get an error saying there's no such file.

Yes, you'll need to install the Chamfer library from here https://github.com/SebiTimeWaster/Chamfers-for-OpenSCAD to get the SCAD-files compiled correctly.

indeed. i put a symlink in the folder, to the chamfer file. saves precious disk space!

Hey how did you get those labels? Do you have a label maker? Awesome design btw!!

Thank you! The labels have indeed been made with a label maker (Brother P750W).

Very nice !! Remember me an old electronic shop plenty of drawer with resistances,condensers,transistros,ics....and so on.
I'll make some for a try.

Best regards !!

Don't be shy, give it a try!

These print perfect. How about a 2x2? double the width.

arbitrary-sized drawers now available for md ultimate

Mini Drawers Ultimate

Happy to hear that you had no problems! Yes, after 1x1, 1x2, and recently 2x1 we should definitely have a 2x2 version. Unfortunately, time is the only thing that I currently do not have enough off. Nonetheless, 2x2 will follow. :-) Cheers, Axel

Very cute. Thank you!

A bit tight fit if 100% infill is used, but making drawers 1% smaller worked perfectly for these.

It would be nice to see 2x1 and 2x2 variants also.

Thank you!

I have an STL for a 2x1 house available. No drawer yet. Did not print the house yet. Would you like to give it a try and tell us how the print turns out? I suspect that the walls could be a little unstable. But as already mentioned: No hands-on right now. Drop me a PN if you want to try it out.


Hi ZeroPage,
What are the dimensions of these drawers?

Hi Lindsay,
the 1x1 house is 38.5 x 20.5 x 56 mm (width, depth, height).
the 1x2 house is 38.5 x 38.4 x 56 mm (width, depth, height).
Usually, you can see an object's dimensions in your slicer.

Thanks, I appreciate it.


What slicer did you use?

I have strange result in Slic3r and Simplify3D:

Cura slice and print well.

works fine for me in both slic3r and s3d. You need to use one perimeter, 0% infill. can print it easily in 0.2 and 0.15mm layer height. Only the small features from the connectors are a bit tricky to get them printing well depending on your printer. but slicerwise no problem.

I use Cura only. Is there a "layer view" or alike in Slic3r/Simplify3D. How does the model look like in layer view?
You tried to print "MD_House_1x1_magnet.stl", right?
I ran the STL trough makeprintable.com and uploaded a repaired version as "MD_House_1x1_magnet_REPAIR.stl". You might want to give this one a try with Slic3r or Simplify3D.
Feedback appreciated!

Thanks for the great project, I will start printing.

I phone the magnet at ebay, for 1 week shipping inside US. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201781141013

The are about 10U$ x 100 magnets, which is way more than ali, but, don't need to wait 1 month or so for it.


Hi Javier,
thank you! Yes, waiting for shipments from China can take very long. I experienced shipping times from a week to months(!).
Have fun with the drawers!
Best wishes

Gonna try to make some of these soon. Do you wall mount them?

Hi Zane,

don't be shy, give it a try! ;-)

Until now, the drawers rest on my workbench. If you use the drawers with magnets and you happen to have something metallic on your wall, you could simply hang-up the drawers using magnetic force. With a peg board or a french cleat storage system it should not be to difficult to design an appropriate mounting mechanism.


I received magnets today from Ali :-). How you glue them? In inside drawer it is easy, but in the hole of outer shell?

I put super glue on the edge of the magnet, lay it down on a flat surface and then sheathe the hole of the house over the magnet. Work quickly or the magnet will stick to the surface. After that I apply additional super glue on the outer rim of the magnet on the backside of the house.

The colours are fantastic. Roughly how much PLA does each draw and holder use?

Whoa, never checked this! Cura says that a 1x1 house (with UM2 3mm filament, 0% infill, 0.4mm thickness, 0.8mm top/bottom, 0.16mm layer height) takes approx. 1 Meter / 8 gr of filament. The 1x1 drawer 1/2 Meter and, yes, 0.4 gr. Thus, I would be able to print ca. 60 1x1 houses and ~60 1x1 drawers with a 750g spool.

Hi, these look really nice. How do I change to square magnets from the rounded ones. Where do I make the change in the .scad file?

Not difficult but requires changes to all (magnet)-Scad-files. I just changed the "MD House 1x1 (magnet).scad". Take a look at the following code:

include <Chamfer.scad>;
// edit here
runnersDiameter = 2.85;
squareMagnet = true;
magnetSize = 8; //mm
// do not edit below this line

$fn = 50;
height = 56; // in millimeters


module house()
// case
translate([1,1,1]) cube([31,13,height]); // hollow out drawer
if ( squareMagnet ) {
translate([16.5-magnetSize/2,8.5-magnetSize/2,-0.2]) cube([magnetSize,magnetSize,1.5]); // magnet hole
} else {
translate([16.5,8.5,-0.2]) cylinder(h=1.3,r=(magnetSize/2)+.1,$fn=100); // magnet hole
translate([16.5,8.5,-0.2]) cylinder(.4,(magnetSize/2)+.4,(magnetSize/2)+.1); // chamfer on bottom-side of magnet hole

There is a new boolean variable squareMagnet. If set to yes, scad will draw a rectangle with an edge length of magnetSize. If false, scad will draw a circle with a radius of magnetSize. You would have to apply changes like this to the houses, too.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. This does help.

Does anybody print this in PLA? :)))

You must be Hulk to assemby them together.

All houses and drawers on my pictures were solely printed with PLA. And I'm definitely not the Hulk-type of guy.
It depends on your print settings and, of course, accuracy of your printer how tight the runners fit into the slots.

If you are familiar with OpenSCAD you can easily modify the file "MD House regular.scad" and reduce the diameter of the runners. The parameter is at the top of the file "runnersDiameter". I was fine with 2.85mm. Reduce this to, e.g., 2.8 or 2.75 and try it again. I would require a picture of you prints to decide which value might be the best for you. But this is, usually, a matter of trial and error. Additionally it always helps to know what your print parameters were.

Drop me a note if you need further assistance!

I've ajusted it already :) A lot of tries :)

runnersDiameter = 2.85-0.15-0.20-0.3;

drawer size ajusted too:

with ABS was all great with original settings.

Whoa! That's a whole lot of adjustments. And interesting that you could stick to the original settings only with ABS. Would love to see some pictures of your ABS houses and drawers. Mind taking the time for a "Made"? :-)

here ABS version
fit perfect

and here PLA (black - markered to find whre to remove plastic with file, white - correct boxes :)))

The ABS ones look great, though still pretty tight. I can imagine that rasping your PLA versions was not that much fun. My PLA prints still have some play. It's just a fraction of a mm but depending on the print parameters (e.g. layer height or outer wall thickness) I would have to apply a drop of super glue to fix them for eternity. ;-))

Many thanks for your pictures!

May be I could connect them in original version, but detach NEVER

ABS great connect, fit perfect and disconnect too :)

I have made them at 150%. Had to do a little shaving on the locking mechanism, and add a touch of lubricant. But on a plus, they are not coming apart, probably ever again!

Hi Steve! I was curious how scaled drawers would work. Thanks for leaving your comment! :-)

I created a double sized drawer with a divider in the middle here (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2006275) for anyone that needs it

Mini Drawers Ultimate Double Drawer Size with Two Drawers
Comments deleted.

Are you guys scaling this stl up? Didn't realize how small it was until i started to print it.

Beg your pardon, but there is a reason they are called "Mini". ;-)
Why don't you scale up using your slicer? With Cura and an, e.g., UM 2+ you can go up to 365% yielding a house with approx. 14 x 7.4 x 20cm.

Ha this is more like micro ;) but yeah ill just scale it up

Micro, hehe.
Let me know how the runners and slots work in a scaled up version!

Well done.
The locking mechanism looks very nice.
I know what I'll print in the next days :)

Hope the drawers will be of service to you! :-)