Customizable Round Box with Lid

by Arvin Nov 23, 2013
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Please Help

I have dowloaded the write.scab and place in the same directorey of my Project, but the message "can´t open library write\write.scab" remains


I think i have sorted out how to print a difference size box. when i try and use the text version i get the following text warning in the openscad program.

WARNING: Can't open library 'write/Write.scad

could you please point me in the right direction on how to use text. i presume is that you can place text on a surface.


download these files, and update the DIR to "write" and place it in same DIR as your customizable SCAD files


Thankyou very much for the help. Really appreciate your help with this. Cheers mate.

You are welcome :-)

I tried to use the customizer. But whenever I try to make a custom size of this box, an error pops up.
Any ideas ?



For all those looking for a solution to the lid being too wide, I would just file it down using snadpaper or a knife. However, if you do want to print it the correct size, open up the file in tinkercad, use the "hole" option to get rid of the box by surrounding it with a hole. Then, resize the lid to 96.25% of the original model and print the box at the original 100%. That makes the lid perfectly sized to fit into the box.

Thank you kindly.

When using the box with text on the lid I found a small bug.
When you choose a text thickness different to lid height the small bug surfaces.
To correect the bug, change line 95 in rounded_box_with_lid_with_text.scad

Working out well, Printing a few for small item storage!
Just a few notes.
That the top clearance is very tight (as seen by others) Possibly default it slightly more? (fixed it by changing numbers np but default maybe a bit looser)
Might Note somewhere that the height is exterior height, not interior room. . . interior is - bottom height - Top height. A duh moment on my part but a important one to note if you are trying to print something to fit a object inside.

and Lastly and a real issue the words popped off :) It seems they where just plopped on a smooth lid and not intersecting it. Looking at it edge on the text is not touching the object directly at all.

Wonderful thank you

Perfect ! great Job :)

The lid was about 2mm too wide but a bit of knife and file work sorted that. Some tweaks to the original model are needed

What are the dimensions of the box and lid?

just open it in customizer and make it what ever size you want.

Has anyone figured a way to put a detente on it so that it 'clicks' closed? I can see how to do it without text, but not with both the detente and the text

You'd have to difference the text out and print the lid upside down and put you detente on what was the bottom.

Preparing it by default on high quality the lid wouldn't fit into the box's groove.

It worked first time for me. The variable on the lid tab called "Top Clearance" defaults to 0.2. Your printer probably needs more like 0.5 or 0.7. If it's just a tight fit you could just try sanding the edegs.

Gotcha, thank you I will try that out

I would like to add a name to the top of the lid and am just learning this process. Could you give me some directions?
Thank you.

Ok. I made the scad file with the text available in the customizer. Look at the "lid" tab. You'll find a place to write what you want on the lid. Looks to me like you could do without the thumb notch since the letters would act as a way to slide the box....oh woe...I sweated over the thumb notch code. ;)

That's actually kinda cool. Should have taken the time a long time ago.

People just keep on downloading this thing, so I updated the variables to let you choose the lid, box, or both.

I made no changes in my computers settings but mysteriously I can now upload to thingiverse again.

Sure. Where would you suggest. I've stored the file here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_cxT0AEw_FYS19sOUp3Y3o3RWs&usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/folde...

Never tried making a folder on Google Drive public before. See if you can download it and let me know.

I was able to download the files. Thanks so much!

Bummer that the new scad file's not working with the Customizer. I printed one of these a while back, and just returned to make one with different dimensions. Any chance you'd be willing to post the scad file elsewhere?

Does it have the potential to be water proof?

Oops. I didn't understand your question....no it's not water proof. Holds water though...just don't turn it upside down. :)

Sorry, I meant when it's held upside-down. I don't expect it to be though.. Still, very good design!

Yes. But that will depend on your settings and your printer's calibration. The little one I printed held water for a couple of hours before I emptied it.

If your print's lid is too large you need to increase the Top Clearance value. It's the last variable on the list.

Top Clearance is the amount the lid is reduced in size.
Mine worked but was snug at 0.2. If it's too snug just make this number larger.

I would suggest trying to print with more clearance first (0.4) and if it is too loose then bump the clearance down. Since the variable only impacts the lid, you can print the lid alone in various sizes to get things right.

When you do it the other way you risk breaking the lid overhang on the box (happened to me) which meant I needed to redo a 12 hour print for the box.

OK! Maybe I should have called them "Rounded"? It was just the file name I had stuck on the original script. But...what's in a name. A rose still has thorns even if you call it a marshmallow. How about "Rectangular Round Cornered Box with Sliding Lid"? :) Naaaah.

They look 'round when you come into the room and call their name.

But it's rectangular...