Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Chocolate pump

by Ioan Mar 11, 2012
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Hello Friend! could post us a video of the pump running. I'm very interested in this bomb!

can i use this pump for an automatic transmission model im making and can it pump transmission fluid good?

Yeah, would like to know if it pumps oils well...I'm trying to find out if this can pump 0W-40 oil for the hydrostatic transmission on my riding mower...I drained the oil, but the oil fill hole is high on the side, a flexible tube would be VERY easy to refill if I can pump semi-viscous fluid with a pump like this

ok i will let you know when get the transmission model i am 3d printing is finish and then get started on make gaskets for this and scaling this down to fit in the manual transmission model i am making but other then that i will surely let you know when i test it to see if it can pump fluids like transmission and other grades of oil.

Good afternoon, I am very interested in the chocolate pump, but I can not understand how it works? where to apply force to the shaft? Do you have a small video or another photo for clarification? Thank you

do you think this could be used to pump aircrete?

PTFE (or Teflon) is a bad idea! Pieces of it could break loose, then it's in your food. Teflon may be okay on your pan, but not in your food.

I was wondering how you designed the gears? Did you copy them from some source or did you draw them yourself? I would like to draw/design my own (with different amount of tooth) but I can't seem to find the theory behind the geometry, or am I thinking too complex? Should I just start drawing and tweak the geometry till it fits nicely?

Hi, the pump is designed with this software: http://www.maverickracing.co.uk/gerotors/
It can be used for free for 30 days.

Great, thanks!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.... for the dxf files.. The rest is very easy to redo with a laser cutter.

Any chance of uploading the 2 main gears (inside and outside) in DXF format as mentioned? Thx much.. and to Frollard.. use a crayon for the wax to lube?

Hi loan, do you have any video of this in use?

No. My chocolate pump and cooler are stopped due to lack of time. Sorry... :)

I am going to build my own chocolate waterfall that flows over edible
rocks and into a pond, but I need a pump for pushing the water out and
taking it upstream. Does anyone know where I can get just a small pump
to do this?

I made a plexiglass version on the laser cutter and its pretty spiffy but we didn't use a bearing and the tolerances are hard to make it mesh nicely - tried pumping liquid soap as a lubricant and it works but with no gaskets it leaks like a sieve! very promising though!

If only this can be used to pump out melted plastic!

Well, it's good enough we have pretty simple extruders thanks to the wonderfull people who made this possible. I am still dreaming to a simple extruder to lay down other materials than plastic. ;)