Convex/Concave/Straight Overhang Test

by LoboCNC Nov 15, 2016
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It is a good test, but yor explanation about how the curling happens is even better! Actually... I havent found an explanantion like yours before!
In my case, I deal with overhangs this way:\
1.- the most important thing is your layer cooling system... I have searched and tried a lot of models, in the ond the best onw for me has been the fangfan model (the doiicollers is the best of all, but doesnt give you a clear view of the nozzle)
Haveing a corect cooling gives me the ability to do an agressive cooling in the onverhangs. I can print really well overhangs of 65 degrees with no cursling at all in ay direction (tested before, and re tested with your test). From there I start getting curling only in the convex sides. The others stay ok. If I want to remove this curling in convex areas, I really have to go down like to 20 mm/s in that area and 100% fan flow (and that is a LOT of air useing the fangfan and a blower fan). In a practical printing, I identify this problematic areas and useing slic3r I can create modifiers to slow down the printing in that particular areas.

this is a good test thanks !