IKEA Lack Filament Guide

by karnschi Nov 16, 2016
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I cannot find any info about the hole diameter I have to drill through the top? Thanks

I drilled a 10mm hole. And then put tiny a bit of superglue on the guide to stick it to the table.

yeah you are right. i have forgotten to give that information. i guess i drilled a 10 oder 12mm hole and the diameter is a little bit smaller so that it is easier to stick it through...
but make sure that you also see my other filament guide so that you dont run in the same limitations like you would if you are using this one. because it decreases you maximum print height of about 100mm because the angle of the filament is very extreme and it could easily break.

Thank you for all the information.


I did something similar a while back and it worked well....


I printed something that was higher than 100mm.

once the z axis gets that high the filament coming through the hole is pulled at quite an extreme angle and it can cause too much resistance on the filament which then momentarily stops the extruder flowing and leaves holes in your print.

I solved the issue by changing the hole to a slot (40mm slot to be exact), that stopped the problem entirely.

dont get me wrong Im not critisizing your design, I myself know it works perfectly well on low level designs, just be cautious when doing taller designs.

hope that helps.

Thanks for the heads up! I'm just designing my lack enclosure at the moment, these types of tips head off future frustration.

Hey. Look at my other filament guide design for my lack enclosure. Works pretty fine and I can use the full z range of my prusa i3
Here is the link in case you dont want to look in my designs :)


IKEA Lack Filament Guide Long

no problem - I totally get what you are talking about!
i also thought about that it could be a problem and was thinking about drilling a long hole... but then I dont know how to seal it up a little so that there is no air flow anymore...
it would be good to fill one side of the long hole with foam or something so that the air circulation is reduced to a minimum

but anyway thank you for drawing my attention to that problem :) I appreciate it
have a nice day :)

I used some draft excluder foam tape (the sticky back type you use on windows and door frames) and lined the inside of the slot piece, added benefit is it also acted as a filament dust cleaner.

I had pictures of it but fecked if I know what I did with them.

like I said though aslong as your prints dont top 100mm height it works great, I just got over ambitious lol