Fruit Bowl "Sphere" cnc/laser

by ZenziWerken Nov 18, 2016
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awesome. the biggest pieces just barely fit on my Prusa build plate :)
a 12-14 hour print time. Will post a make when it's finished.

I am looking forward to see the result.

so yeah. finally finished :)
It works well. But the weak spot is where the pieces coincide. If you were to make the pieces 1-2mm taller it wouldn't be so fragile for 3d-printing.

The thickness derives from the standard material I use a lot: 6 mm baltic birch plywood.

the other thickness :) the height of the pieces

Got any tips on how to split up the parts for 3d printing?

Hi Tor, I am not sure if it will work on a 3d-printer as I only use a cnc-machine. But I can upload separate parts if you want to try.

I can't see why not? would be great if you could do that. would be fun to try out. Just got wood filament you see :)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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It's rather ironic, this is the first 'thingiverse' project for my new (used) laser cutter. This is set up for a CNC router which I couldn't find projects here that where ready to cut when I picked up my router earlier this year.

Thank you for the great project to make my wife happy so she is more accepting of the laser cutter.

Seems to me Thingiverse prefers designs for fdm-printer, but you can find a lot cool designs on my homepage https://www.zenziwerken.de/

Thank you for the great project to make my wife happy so she is more accepting of the laser cutter.
You are welcome! There always need to be projects that increase the women-acceptance-factor of machine-investments :)

Ah okay. Danke für die schnelle Antwort.

Weiter so.
Grüße Lolle


Benutzt du den originalen Laser von Stepcraft? Würde mich interessieren wie stark der so ist beim schneiden von Sperrholz. Und ob du zufrieden damit bist? ;-)

Grüße Lolle

Hi Lolle, bislang habe gar nichts mit Laser gemacht. Der Titel "CNC/Laser" bezieht sich nur darauf, dass man das Design mit einem Laser umsetzen könnte.