Wanhao Di3 Camera Mount + 2020 Mount

by joochung Nov 17, 2016
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could i make this work with the wanhao duplicator i3 plus mk 2? if not do you think you could design something to work with the mk2 ive tried but i suck at designing stuff.

http://www.wanhao3dprinter.com/xiazai/I3PlusMark2REVB.pdf thats the manual for the mk 2 if you need

I see that the Plus Z Braces attach to the front corners. Can you measure the size of the bolt and the distance from the bolt to the edge?

the bolts are 3mm bolts. and the distance from the bolts to the outer edge on the left side is 17mm to center if i measuered correctly. and the 2 bolts on the inside have have a 15mm distance from the inside edge to the center of the bolts if that made any sense

hey,just got a C615 which uses the tripod screw
and I have a 2020 extrusion printer
So Can you just tell me what parts to print exactly
I got lost ,and can I use a printed screw to mount the cam or can you tell me what is the size in metric for it

You'll need to print the following:

  • hinge_camera_mount_quarterinch.stl
  • tripod_nob.stl
  • hinge_c270_mount.stl
  • tripod_top.stl
  • tripod_arms.stl (as many as necessary)
  • tripod_arm_90.stl (as many as necessary)
  • tripod_arm_long.stl (as many as necessary)
  • tripod_2020_mount.stl

I don't see why you couldn't use a printed screw. As far as a metric screw, you would use whichever size fits the C615.

tripod_2020_mount.stl has a separation issue which is in the model it self , I think you designed half of it and mirrored the one you made
Please fix it

What design did you remix the Pi Cam mount from? I'll be printing the Pi Cam mount parts soon!

I remixed it from this one... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1700078

Pi Camera Mount for Wanhao Duplicator i3

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:92208 This Thing has the back cover piece that I was looking for!

Raspberry pi camera case/enclosure
by VGer

Huh. Sorry! I guess I forgot to add that to the files list. I'll take care of it tomorrow. Glad you found it!

I love this mount but it would be great if it could be used with the pi cam as well blink blink

I've just added a new arm and case for the pi cam. Both are additional remixes from existing remixed designs. Let me know if you have any problems with them.

I'll see what I can do about remixing a pi cam mount. It might take a couple days.

I love you, thank you so much!
Came in handy at last =)

I've made one for my wanhao i3 and found the following observations:

The wanhao mount isn't very sturdy; it's not clamped at right where the arms join so it tends to wobble and transmit all vibrations.
The longer the arms, the worse the wobble gets.

This camera may be great on a 2020 mount, but pretty unusable on a wanhao + clones

Thats too bad its not working out for you. One guy who uses this design said it worked great for him once he put a zip tie around the Di3 mount piece to make it more stable. I've been happy with the design myself. Hope you find one that you like!

actually, zip-tie may reduce the problem! I'll give it a try.

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What screws are to be used with this ? I just printed it.

Just need a bunch of M3 bolts and nuts. I forget exactly the length. but should be M3x20mm for the arm sections. M3x50mm for the hinge camera mount.

Arms are M3 x 20mm + nuts
Tripod_nob to hinge_camera_mount_quarterinch, 1/4" x 5/8" bolt
Tripod_top to hinge_c270_mount, m3 x 25mm + nut
Hinge_c270_mount to hinge_camera_mount_quarterinch, one m3 x 55mm + nut or two m3 x 25mm + nuts
I'm not sure how the actual camera attaches to hinge_c270_mount, though it looks like the hole is M4

For the C270... you're supposed to use the existing hinge screw on the C270 to mount to the hinge_c270_mount.

ah got it, thanks!

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