Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pin Wheel Escapement

by Pieterr96 Mar 12, 2012
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I forgot to upload part 3 of the pendulum, I Will upload that in 4 hours.

The weight can be replaced with
à diverend object to reduce printing kosts

why don't you find a fablab nearby and print/cut it out yourself?

What you call 'print format' is usually .stl: find the right plugin for stl export (cadspan might work for you) and convert it yourself.

Heey, I cant find
à fablab nearby... I am very limited to where I can go becouse I am 16 years old so cant drive à car. I didnt uploaded it in stl becouse I want people to edit it themself, i didnt tested it and they can so thats why I didnt converted it to stl. I Thank you for your comment and do you know some fab
lab in the netherlands?

Gr. Pieter Schreurs