Scissor Snake Family

by ricswika Nov 18, 2016
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I printed this in PETG and was amazed that it actually worked! Well done on your clearances!

Thanks, very nice!

you should make an experimental one that is incredibly long

Great build! I love ones that are print in place and actually work! Really cool. Great job!


if you enlarge by 5% this will print quite happily at 0.3 layer height. Which speeds things up a bit :-)

I will try that. I have printing a lot of these and that would be a nice improvement.

Very nice model! I made mine reduced to 90% of original size. Sliced with Simplify3D, had 3 hour and 12 minute print time using PETG at .2 layer height. This thing worked immediately after popping it off the print bed!

Printed the basic Scizzor Snake to see if it works, took about 3 hours @ low speed, 0.2mm and 50% infill, ABS. Works great, had to do a bit of clean up since i printed on a ABS juice. Will definitely print more, especially the Super Snake.
Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback. I gave a Scissor Snake to a kid the other day and watched him play. You could see the gears turning in his little head figuring out how the thing works. He would operate it and look at it so closely trying to see what was inside. Imagining in his head what he could not see with his eyes. Perhaps the first inklings of abstract thought? Rewarding at any level.

I printed about 8 of these and only 2 of them didnt break, you may need to consider redesigning the joints because the inside of them always seems to connect to the piece that was meant to be seperate

Can you tell me which model it was that gave you the problem and the exact location where you are having the seperation problem? It is possible there is a flaw in one of the models confusing your slicer and working ok with mine. I have printed 100's of these using S3D and sell them regularly without any problems. I was recently able to pick up a 10lb weight vertically without it breaking. Horizontally I'm sure it would have broken with that amount of weight.

I am very interested in solving your problem and improving my model, so thanks for the feedback. If you could send me a snapshot of the failure that also would be very nice of you.

This took me 8 hours to print. The 1st print all joints worked except for 1 @ 30% infill. After trying to loosen up the joint it broke. I tried to scale it to +10% and printed it again @ 50% infill. Same thing happened. Total of 16 hours gone and a ton of PLA. Word to the wise. Make sure your printer is dialed in to the MAX! I thought mine was and failed twice.

Sorry to hear that. But 16 hours sounds like a really long print time. I don't think it every took over 4 hours for the biggest version scissor snake printing on a cheap I3 which sells for about $400. Maybe use a thicker layer. I used 0.2mm. The best thing I ever did was to add an extruder fan. That makes a huge difference when there are overhangs. Another thing that might help is to calibrate your extrusion multiplier by test printing a solid 2 cm calibration cube. If it comes out concave or convex, you know your machine is no calibrated for volume. Tweak the extrusion multiplier in your slicer program until the cube comes out calibrated with no distortion. Also, enter the exact diameter of the filament you are using. That might help.

Hey there!
Tried to print the 'scissor.stl' file out and it was a total fail :( The hinges did not work.
Can it be that this happened because I scaled it down?( -10%)

Yes, Indeed. When you scale it down, the clearances become smaller. At some point, it will fuse. I recently printed all of the models and didn't have any problems. There is an older version of Magnum, Super and Curvy that has a flaw that caused fusing, but that was fixed in the Rev A version of the files.

It also helps to run an extruder fan.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I should give it another try with the right settings.