USS Enterprise Laser Cut

by JoeSnuffie Nov 18, 2016
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Thanks for making this! Quick question for you. What are your laser settings for each colour? Power, speed, passes, etc. I gave it a shot and some of the smaller pieces were really charred and crumbled on the 3mm plywood.

Thanks! Hoping to give this to my dad for the holidays! I had to create a .ai file for our laser to work with it properly so I can upload those to share with the community.

I cut the Enterprise using the included PDF file which came out great. However, when I used dxg or dxf files to cut the stand and the rest of the parts (USS-Enterprise-2), the scale of the items are not the same, could you provide a pdf version of the second file with the same scale as the provided pdf? Thanks for sharing this.

I love the project! thank you

Love the project. I am using the 3mm CDR file with Retina Engrave. Everything comes over to the print driver except the Enterprise name/number and the blue detail lines on the saucers. The PDF comes over, however it's not 3mm is too big for my stock. kinda befuddled here. Any suggestions?

Hey Joe,

Great design! I just got a laser cutter and yours is the first thing I'm making from thingiverse.

I'm wondering about something though. All the holes in your saucer layers are 5+ mm but you specified that this was designed for 3mm material. So all of the pegs that are supposed to fit into your 5+ mm holes are only ~3 mm thick. But in you photos it shows all of your pegs fitting perfectly into the saucer section holes. Did I miss something?


My mistake! I used the 5.3mm version on 1/8 inch stock! Ooops! My other option is 1/4 inch stock which is like 6.35 mm thick. Is there a way to scale it without having CorelDraw?

Sorry, I'm just getting around to reading the comments. Does the program you use with the laser cutter allow resizing? I use RDWorks to send data to the laser cutter and it will allow you to select all objects and resize them. Otherwise you'll need a vector editing application to do it.

So I should just resize the 3 mm version to fit my material thickness? I measured it at 3.4 mm. So 3.4 / 3.0 = 113.3%. Does that sound right? I have inkscape and it opens your CDR file.

Yes, that is correct. I use 3mm MDF for most models but sometimes I get 1/8" and have to make a slight adjustment. My local hardware store also sells 2.75mm plywood and I make adjustments for that as well.

Very nice work, and FYI Antonio F Portela is selling your files for this on Laser Creation - Laser Cutting and Engraving FaceBook Group. He doing it with a lot of others work as well. Figured you might like to know.

I should also mention that I don't mind people selling things made from my files but the files themselves shouldn't be sold since they're free.

Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you for sharing files,it's a good job.

So if I am reading this right, you did this on a K40 laser cutter with a 300x200mm work area? I am using a China laser with a 300x500mm work area and cannot get it to fit the bed size. Well, that's not quite accurate. It does fit, but the saucer section only rings in at 5" in diameter. Kinda small for my likings. I try to scale it for 5.3mm material, but I sort of suck at it. If I'm doing it right, it is then way too big for my working area, but I am not sure I am doing it right.If you could somehow help me with this, I'd be the most appreciative Trekkie ever at jeffwolf1224@gmail.com Thanks for any help you can beam my way!

I resized it and moved things around to fit the 500x300 bed using 5.3mm material. It has been enlarged by 176.7% and a third page added. You can see new files now. I added a CDR and a PDF.

I would dearly love to know how you did that, even if only to know how you arrived at the figure of 176.7%, as there are other things here on Thingiverse that I would like to do but similar problems exist. I am very thankful that you were kind enough to do this for me, and at warp speed, to boot. I will be working on this project tomorrow, pictures hopefully to come soon after. You have my gratitude. Live long and prosper, kind sir!

To determine the proper ratio I used https://percentagecalculator.net/. Using the second calculator option I entered 5.3 is what percent of 3? The result is 176.6666 . . .
You can test this by creating a 3mm box and then increasing its size to 176.7%.

JoeSnuffie, first thanks for all the hard work you put in on the awesome model! Also thanks for you willingness to share it freely.
If what I ask is not something you can do or is too aggravating to fool with I understand. I have AutoCad LT 2002 and CorelDraw 12. Is it possible for you to send me files output to be compatible with these programs? The downloaded ones do not work with either of my softwares :(

Hi, recently got a Corel update that seems to have fixed the problem with saving older file formats. I just uploaded a new file saved in the oldest format available to me which is 11. Let me know if this works.

Thank you for sharing files OTHER than just CDR!

You're welcome. I can't promise they will all work since Corel seems to mess up other file types. I use Corel at work and it's great until you need to export to something other than PDF.

At least even with just a PDF I can open it in Illustrator and (most likely) get a DXF. I REALLY wished Corel weren't such fuckwits who refuse to embrace open formats in a real way. Nobody else pulls the crap they do! Sigh.

Anyway, the effort is very much appreciated! :)

Yeah, if it weren't that my company bought Corel X7 for making brochures I'd have learned another program. I'm just so familiar with it and can work really quickly in it and it works for my business and personal use. But I absolutely hate that their exports rarely work. And, yes, the PDF it makes seems to work in most apps.

what size is your stock? the k40 is 8by12 ( can cut 12by14) roughly and the epilogue is 12by24

I'm using a K40 and I order 12x12 3mm thick MDF. I cut it to 12x8 .

Thanks! I will do this tomorrow!

I cannot get my laser cutter to do the red lettering and blue detail lines?

I have an epilog zing, printing with corel?


PS. This is the most amazing thing I have ever cut.

under the print properties in zing you can print by color map, just assign values like power and speed for the red and blue lines.

any help saying engrave polyline must be closed sorry but new at this and would love to make it

What software are you using and which file are you trying to print with? This error isn't familiar to me.

Hey, the two large connector pieces for the warp nacelles are different. The one with the extra notch seems to be the correct one.

Hi, both are needed. the notches interlock and add just a little more strength when glued together.

Impressive, congratulations !

Thank you so much for this. So far this has been the coolest thing i've found here! You made my day :)
Shame i cant post a picture here

Wow thanks for this compliment. I really appreciate it!

You are not planning to do USS enterprise NCC-1701-D? Picard will always be my favorite captain :)

btw. here's the ship - https://scontent-cdg2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/16722755_10212676614497037_3887064883067484848_o.jpg?oh=1b758a54f37feeb64096615409478126&oe=59342885

Hello, very nice. I am new to this, what is the charge to use a file if I find a 3D printer? This would make a nice gift for a Trek Fan brother. Thanks


This is designed for a laser cutter and I don't believe it will work with a 3d printer. If you have access to a laser cutter you can make it and there is no charge. I designed this for my own personal use and had a fun time doing it. You're welcome to use the files as you please. You may make as many as you want and sell them to your friends if you wish.

I have a question! In the second file, the base line is missing (the part with the start), on pdf its ok, but on dxf is missing

Unfortunately, CorelDraw X7 does a poor job exporting dxf files. They read fine in CorelDraw but they have problems in every other program I've used to read them. That's why I included the PDF files. Sorry.

Ty Joe, I'll do this line, ty!

That is a very nice model !! is a machine of that nature expensive or really expensive? Sorry to be nosey but that is nice

I only paid $300 for the laser cutter. It's a cheap unbranded 40w Chinese laser engraver that I modified to be able to cut wood and MDF. Total cost with modifications is about $450.

Very nice. Will cut one out of UV blue or green acrylic

That will look fantastic. Please post a pic if you do it.