Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Gyro Cube

by ARTCAD Mar 12, 2012
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I've noticed that the OSX version of Makerware cuts out a big section of the inner pieces when slicing. However, when I slice it in Makerware on Windows it works. So if you have a Mac, install Windows 7 (Because Windows 8 is horrible) and install Makerware on there. Although I have also noticed Makerware runs faster on OSX than on Windows even when it is on the same machine. Hopefully Makerbot updates Makerware soon to fix some of these issues.

Came across this a few days ago and wanted to print it. 7 hours into a full scale print I caught an error on the slicing. Basically no matter what I do with it (netfabb and meshmixer can't fix it), whenever I sliced the file, it decides on the inner two squares that there is nothing there and tries to add supports to it. I can't figure out why. Anyone else have this problem?

If anyone prints this well please let me know what settings you used I would love to print one but can't do it without support and am wondering if it will actually spin well after cleaning up none soluble supports.

there is a nice remix, that is printable w/o support


Parametric Gyro Cube

I tried printing this remix, and the holes that the posts go into are too shallow, and a slight shake of it, will knock it out of its slot. I am attempting this model now :)

How did this one turn out?

Thanks will get printing on this tomorrow. :)

Please post a video of this one working.

i'm unsure if I want to spend that much time printing this on my replicator.

thanks :-D

Well.. both devices shares same gyroscope principle..

I still have to play with gap in hinge-joints in order to ease rotation.. thinking about building a larger model with ball bearings..

I see Solidworks mentioned. Why not upload the Solidworks files? Use "Pack and go" to get all files in the assembly.

By the way.. on the photo is a model printed with 1.6 scale

=-O ooouuupss.. I've uploaded wrong file. Now it's in STL as supposed to be.

I opened it in SolidWorks, and a warning came up that it was from "educational version. This file is intended for instructional use only". And, of course, it's mssing all the parts needed to build the assembly (.sldasm). You can't convert to .stl without the parts.

My first guess would be to leave it alone.

i would gladly convert to stl but he has only provided a solidworks assembly file without any of the parts that go in it. i guess we'll just have to wait.