Stars for Christmas Decoration - LED light

by ewap Nov 24, 2016
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Very nice design!
Would it be possible to make a version of star with 5 points instead of 6?
I would like to print such a version and see if I can get a small led candle inside (one of those LED candles with 3 AG13 batteries).
Thanks in advance!

danke, fürs teilen, habe grade einen gedruckt, leider ist mein led-strip zu lang er is 10cm, könntest du mir eine version uploaden oder per mail senden ?

Hallo, Gut fragst du nach. Weiss das es verschiedene Streifen gibt.
Den Stern, den ich für farbige LED-Streifen gemacht habe, passt für 10cm lange Streifen http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1949254

Falls es nicht das ist was du brauchst, melde dich bitte wieder, ich werde selbstverständlich dir ein passendes Modell hochladen.
Gruss Daniel

Christmas Decoration - Star with color LED Strip
by ewap

Can you provide more details in english?
you talk about vertical thickness .... but i think you mean horizontal thick (0,4x2)

anyway i have to print as is or the second half need to be turned up side down? what's your setting about bridge? how many top/bottom layers? what's your setting about thin wall and allowable infill? and the minimum infill?

I tried to print but the 20% infill will force the head to print small line (1-2 mm) inside the 2 walls of the perimeter, if I set only thin wall i will have 2 separated walls....


Hi Elstak,

You are right, I messed vertical with horizontal. Sorry for that.

For me, the best print orientation is, when the open side is on top. Yes, one half has to be turned upside down.
I think the bridge settings depends on the printer and the filament. I used a 0.4mm Nozzle, PLA filament and 40mm/s Speed.
The wall thickness of the bottom is 0.8mm, so there will be 4 layers times 0.2mm. For the settings I used 3 bottom and top layers.

The one key topic in my video is, that the extrusion with has to match up with the wall thickness. For this thing the horizontal wall thickness is 0.8mm. To avoid any infill you have to figure out what is the max. possible extrusion with. in my case it was 0.44mm. You check this in your preview of the slicer. If the two perimeters are still separated, try to increase the flow-rate of you extruder. so that slightly more material will be squeezed out of the nozzle.

thanks for your questions they will help me to improve my descriptions.