Death Trooper (AWT Trooper) Full Scale Helmet (Rogue One)

by Geoffro Nov 19, 2016
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Should I paint each part individually or put it all parts together and then paint?

Is there a way you can make the mask solid? Can't find one anywhere and I'm trying to 3d print it for a present. I'm also trying to make a dice tower out of one

How did you get it so shiny?

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Anyone figured out what is the best orientation for part 7&8?

Hey Geoffro great model I’m currently onto my second last piece of the print. I’ve checked out your page with the updated details. If I purchased one of your files how hard would it be for you to add locating holes for easier and more accurate assembly? Cheers in advance

Did someone rotate in a different way parts 7 and 8 for not having supports in some of the details?

Which parts need supports and how were they done (i.e. what angle and where on the part)?

Have you used a slicer before?

Yes. This isnt my first time printing by far, although i dont have a ton of experience with supports or much luck using them when i have. I have a dual extruder, so i could print supports with different colors and everything. done it before. I was just curious about how to do the supports to get the best results with minimum plastic used.

Its a large topic. If your slicer has a preview that includes showing you the supports like Simplify3D, my advice would be that the best way is to keep experimenting with prints until you've found what works for you. Some prefer all the supports possible and don't mind picking them off the model. I personally prefer near-zero on the outside face of the print, and only enough to guarantee structural integrity on the inside, even at the cost of appearance on the inner face of the print.

Which software have you used to modelize this helmet ?!

Giving it a go now on my wanhao. Printed part 1, 9, and now on part 3. I'm figuring the front and back parts are not symmetrical? My ocd is messing with me a bit.

Has anyone made lenses for this helmet? Im new to 3d printing and I have most of my helmet done printing and I just want to get the lenses made up

I haven't done it myself but I was thinking maybe a black mesh like a screen door cut into lens shaped objects.

Take anti static bags and make the lenses out of that, reflective and awesome looking

I gotta know, has anyone got a good material for the lens?

you can get pleiglass and get some window tint stuff to put on it I did that and it looks great

I'm looking for same info Dark Glasses any ID where to get this ???

I found a way to make some with PETG film, but its a bit too much of a process for me.

Can this helmet be made on Anycubic i3 mega since it's assembled together

Is it possible to make slices on the front of the face parts? Since i don't want to leave my printer for 7 hours printing because it tends to clog often. I have done parts 1,2,3 and 4 with no difficulty, thanks for making the files.

I just wanted to thank you for thinking of putting a build guide in with the rest of the files. So many other masks I see don't have these.

If using the CR10, can this mask be printed as one piece? It would have to be scaled down to around 80% to fit onto the CR10, but it seems easier to me to print as one piece than having to print all the pieces and then somehow assemble them. I may be totally wrong (so be kind if I am) as I am new and this would be my first helmet print. I don't want to wear it, just have it as a decoration. Any thoughts? Thanks.

It fits on the CR-10 build plate at 100% scale... looks like I have a great thing to do this weekend.

ha good luck post a picture of the finished product

I have an Ultimaker Extended 3D printer, so there is more vertical build space to use for me. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to merge stl parts in the slicer. If Cura knows what surfaces go together, the merge is automatic and exact. If it doesn't then they just mash up together in a clump in the center of the build plate. Essentially I want to tell Cura, "This is how these two stl files go together, make them one object when I click Merge."

I was able to move and rotate parts 12 and 14 to make a one complete side manually, but it was tedious and tough to ensure they aren't slightly out of alignment one way or the other. I am about to print them to see if I am correct or not. :-/

Thanks in advance.

This looks so amazing, and your price for the suit is very reasonable and generous.

What software do you use to model? I am experienced in Zbrush / Maya and making a trooper suit on my page right now, but am interested in learning something Parametric.

Question, could you estimate how many rolls of filament the helmet would take? How bout the suit? Would just like to have an idea of how much something like this would cost to print.

Lastly... have you considered making keys of some sort to register the parts and strengthen them?

Thanks for your hard work!

Hey! I am thinking of printing it, and start on it today, but I am unsure of the scale and how to scale it to my printer so it will also fit my normal sized head. anybody know how to?
Using 2 Ultimaker Original's

The full helmet is included for scaling purposes.

How long does all the pieces take the print in total?

I am about done, and I have about 60 hours. Printing 60mm/s, 30% under for outside perimeters, fast honeycomb at 20%, 3 layer raft, 4mm support res at 45 degrees 20%, 2 dens support layers at 70%. Hatchbox ABS 250 first layer 240 all others, 100 bed temp. minimal z hop settings, and random start and stop points

How fast is your printer? nozzle? temps? feed rates, Z hop? so many variables mate, only you can tell me the answer.

Can't remember off top of my head, whatever the "average" time has been or however long it took you

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I scaled this to the same as the Storm trooper, so pretty much accurate to 501 sizing.

Is this wearable? Thanks

I tried becoming a Patron on Patreon but it only has the $1 option. I just made the account so I'll wait and see if other options open, if not I'll just donate the $1. Thanks for the cool Helmets.

It has several options so not sure there.

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They are not the same part, they are mirrored.
If they were not I assume the 25 people that made one would have mentioned something, sorry if they didn't.

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Nice model, but it seems like there's a lot of plastic being wasted on interior details, were they there for support reasons or was it to keep it as close to the original as possible?

nah just a result of the helmet being made from many separate parts and then joined together. It is a bit of a mix of hard surface and soft surface so I like to make them in individual pieces, Im not the greatest at sculpting on the same model soft and hard, so I do it in pieces. Like most things you look back and think yeah, I probably could have done alot better in several areas and I have made alot of updates to the helmet, just not really updated this version which I probably should.

Such an awesome helmet! Does anyone know where to get black tinted plastic to use for the lenses?

STOLEN MODEL, have you respect to another designers ???

can you create your own models ?????????????????

Since you copy/pasted spam all over my makes, I am going to copy and past the same response, which is the reason you are here crying like a brat.

You got caught. Deal with it.

Your store was taken down for selling my and others models from here and Myminifactory. You know I had a part in having your store taken down, so you attack me, little do you know there was about 20 people involved, but hey... I guess someones gotta take the fodder.

Anyone only needs take a quick look at your fairly tasteless makes to realize you are a bit of a nutjob.

This is why medelis is a little butthurt..He got caught selling my models on another site and we had him taken down.

Jul 5, 16:37 EEST

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!
We have reviewed Medelis account. The models you have reported and identified that they were indeed stolen- the models have been suspended accordingly.
Other models from this user has been suspended for further investigation too.
Thank you for helping us keep our community fair and respectful!

Best regards,
The CG Trader Team.

Part 9 fail addendum. Could I just mirror Part 10 and use it in place of part 9?

Having a problem printing Part 9. Part 9 continues to fail at 97%. Not sure why. Part is 136mm tall. I rotated the part 90 degrees on the x axis so it is only 115MM tall. I think the overall part was approximately 136 by 115 by 87mm--this is just a guess as I'm not at home now. Even after rotating, the part failed again at 97%. I've printed parts up to about 160mm in the z axis with no problem, so I don't believe height is the issue. I also tried laying the part down and using supports, but still can't finish the print. Part 10 which is an inverted copy (x and y axis) of part 9 prints with no problem. Even part 7 printed with no problem, even if it took about 24hrs on my Anet A8. It appears there is something in the part 9 model that my printer doesn't like. It's almost as if the z-axis doesn't increment correctly and the printer is trying to place a layer where one already exists. As a result the part (even with a raft) gets pushed out of position or knocked over and the printer start laying down layers in mid air. The part will continue to 100%, but not correctly after 97%. I'm printing part 8 currently and hope it is complete (and good) when I get home from work. All other (14 minus 1) parts printed fine. If I can't get part 9 to complete, then I plan on using a piece of raft on the interior of the part and build the remainder of the part in putty.

Hey everyone! Hoping to get a quick response on this...
I'm somewhat new to 3D Printing (a few weeks) and was interested in this as a project. I used Cura to slice Part 1, and it sliced it fine, but when I click "Save to removable drive" (my micro sd), it says [Errno 22] Invalid Argument. Any idea what that means? I scaled it to 50% and it saved it fine but I want it to be wearable. I went down to 90% and it still did not save but I don't want to go lower than 90%, any ideas?

Actually I think if I use the Mac it's fine.

The same has happened with other parts, but the re breathers saved fine.

Part 8 is throwing an ambiguous error when I import it into Flashprint. All other files are ok except for this one. I can still work with it (in silico), but I haven't tried printing it. Any ideas on what could be the issue or whether I even need to worry about it?

Hey man, thanks for the files. I have some issues with the size of the pieces. What is the dimension of your build plate in milimiters? I have a Prusa I3 printer of 220x220x240 mm, but I am not sure if its build plate is big enough.

Hey man, thanks a lot for the upload. Im going to be using a smaller library 3d printer with a build plate of 9" x 5.9" x 5.5". Do you have any files with cuts designed for that size build plate?

anyone try to print the whole helmet as one peice? will it fit on a S4?

It will fit at 100% scale on an S3 when oriented correctly

A few quick questions, what do you recommend as a good sealer paint for these after we sand them down a little?
Also, what do you recommend to strengthen the build after its printed?

I'm sure there's better out there, but I can at least share what I use:

After using drywall spackle and sanding the seams, I currently use automotive gray filler primer.

If you're looking to strengthen the build, I have used in the past XTC-3D epoxy to smooth out the assembled parts. In hindsight, if I was just looking to strengthen something from the inside, I swear by Loctite 5-minute epoxy:


Hope that helps.

I don't understand. my printer keeps slipping on the y axis at the exact same z height each print... I tightened the belt and print again and exact same results, 4 prints ruined. why?

i guess its not really a make but i didn't know how else to show my problem, I will delete it if that's a problem. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:322504

Death Trooper (AWT Trooper) Full Scale Helmet (Rogue One)

Hey Geoffro, i've really enjoyed building this helmet!

I've made a few adjustment and modifications to it (written on the "made" article).
I'll be glad to share this things if you agree.


Amazing work keep it up..loving the star wars helmets

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New to 3D SW, and certainly not a CAD type person. So please be gentle!

I cannot slice part6 in slic3r (current 1.2.9). It just hangs with "processing triangulated mesh". I have tried multiple installations using the Fedora repositories for slic3r, and also the tar.gz download from slic3r.org. I do not have this problem on any other parts, but it is consistently on that part downloaded from this site.

I also ran it through blender (import/export of STL), and with that it did not hang, it was just missing several volumes after reimport to slic3r.

I went through the comments below, but did not see this mentioned. Since no one else is commenting about it, I have to conclude that the problem is on my end. So I was wondering if someone could tell me what slicer SW you are using, which is not slic3r?

It has taken a long time to get in to slic3r properly, so I must confess that swapping to another does not generate glee in my life.

Just closing my own question in case anyone else had problems with any parts.

I ended up importing the part in to 3D Builder on Windows 10, which offered a "repair". After that, I exported it as OBJ, and slic3r was able to handle it cleanly.

Whatever the problem was in Slic3r, obviously 3D Builder saw that or something else, and corrected the surfaces in the process. I am most definitely not a windows user, but I had tried many other variations of this using free import/export utilities (including tools from Autodesk), and nothing else worked.

Sounds like you're on Linux near-exclusively, but I'll at least tell you what I'm using just in case it helps:

I currently use Simplify3D near-100%. Before that, this print (for me) was done using Cura (available free from Ultimaker).

You may want to try running it through a repair on various services, just in case they fix something that's only affecting your setup, just to get you over the hump. Perhaps any of the online checkers, MeshLab, or NetFabb Basic (free)?

For the most part STLs should import into slicing programs with a couple clicks. If you're having to 'massage' the majority of them to get them to work in your installation that throws up a flag for me. I'll of course defer to anyone more knowledgeable in Linux on this topic. I use it only for unrelated work stuff.

Wow - that was quick, thanks Jimmy!

'massage' the majority of them

I don't but if I did I would concur. One of the set ups I tried was a pure default from slic3r, and I got the same result. That was when I decided to pipe up, as it was nothing I had done to my profile. The other parts have all sliced perfectly. I will take some time this evening and try Cura.

No problem and good luck. I just tried importing and slicing 6 on S3D. No hiccups, but I did notice it is one of the more complex pieces of the build. So it's not completely out of left field. If you're going to have software hiccup on you, it's those types of parts that'll do it.

I want to use this head for an action figure I'm making. How do I edit the size of the full helmet?

Almost all slicing software has scaling settings for whatever files you pull in

Do the parts just clip together?

No. As with most large multi-part prints, how you join them is up to you. I use a combination of friction welding and CA glue.

For thinner edges with not much surface area to bond (which is MOST parts), I temporarily duct tape the outside together and line up the edges. Then, I put a small length of 3.00mm filament in my dremel. After you turn on the dremel you can treat it like you're welding the parts together on the inside edge. Takes some practice but for me it's my currently preferred way.

For some parts that actually have larger surface areas to glue, I will put CA glue on one part and spray the activator on the other. When you touch them together you have about HALF A SECOND to align them, and then they're stuck forever.

Good luck with your research. Please be aware putting prints like this takes some time and patience regardless of the technique you decide on

Nice models!
How can I print the fullhelmet stl? Only the very front touches the bed. Do I need to add supports or rotate the object?

You would need to have a slicer that automatically does it (most do) or you can manually place them.

Most of us either use the sliced pieces and join them together post-process, or re-slice to suit our needs.

Thanks for the reply.
I'm referring to the one stl file that is the complete helmet in one piece.
I'm guessing it needs supports all along the bottom, since it only touches the bed in the front when i load it into a slicer.
Just double checking in case there's a way to print it without supports.


There's no magic to it - he's including the complete file as a courtesy in case you want to chop it up yourself.

ah, I see. Thanks again.

Hi here, you are a great designer who is very talented. My question is does this helmet have the indents on the back of the helmet, you have it on the version on GC trader, I don't really want the whole outfit so i was just wondering is this model has the indents in the back of the helmet.

To my knowledge this version is not as screen accurate as Geoff's one on CG since this one is free, and he made the indented one after this posting.

Also why don't you download this and check out the file yourself?! :)

Thank you, I was out and away from my computer so I couldn't check at that time. Will probably but the one in CG trader because I'm only gonna print this once coz of the filament cost. Again, thx

Geofffro your models are some of the best I've printed. I've downloaded and printed a couple of your files (T800 and the Batman Bust) the prints always come out nice. I've been doing some metal casting and I love using the batman bust for the castings. Just started printing the death trooper helmet. Can't wait to see it all printed out. I was going to do it in abs but had some warping issues so I decided to go back to pla.

The modeling side is where I'm trying to become more efficient. Currently I'm learning Fusion 360 with hopes of modeling my own helmets one day. At work I use Autocad Revit and have printed some of the furniture and casework pieces that I have modeled.

Anyway I just wanted to say great job. It takes a lot of time to create these models and we are lucky that you want to share. I definitely agree you should be featured.

Does anyone have an estimate for how much plastic this would take to print? I'd really like a tool that ingests a stack of .stl files and gives an estimate on how much filament you need to print it, doing it manually in a slicer one piece at a time is pretty slow.

Anyone know the best method for sticking all the parts together? I'd use super glue but I feel like the bond won't be strong enough. The sides the parts come together on are quite thin (understandably). Adhesive putty is really expensive and I don't know how the bond is with it. I mostly want the bond to be strong but if it can fill in the gaps between parts that'd be great too. Any ideas?

I use plastic welder epoxy. Its usually kinda cheap, but is really strong. Well worth the money!

Hi Geoffro,
Someone that had both the helmet and the CG Trader suit (the legit one) mentioned they were different. The full suit was more up to date with the movie. Is this intentional? At the moment moment I only want the helmet, but I would like it to be as accurate as possible.,

Hello! I sent a message on Cgtrader, I bought the full suit but would also like the original uncut files as I have a larger printer. Please and thanks!

So you are selling the design to it for 13 dollars? . Cuz i would love to buy it for that much , but i'd also like to make and sell after if i can ?

More than happy for people to sell printed suits, just not the files.

Hi Geoffro
Nice Build I have a 220 x 220 x 240 mm build plate will i be able to make this and how much filament will it take to make the helmet
Thanks Bob

approximately how much filament do you think this will take to print including support.

First of all, i want to say that im impressed :O with your designs @Geoffro.

I have downloaded the filed for this print, i dont own a printer by myself, but i have access to one in the factory where i work, and they told me that its ok to print this, not sure of the model, its a HP (i dont have it in front of me, so i cant say the model).

Then I had downloaded the FreeCAD and i see that i can open the files individually and the full helmet.
If that is not the correct soft to do it, can you recommend?
(design department has SolidWorks but im not a cad user)

Sorry for asking here if i shouldn't.

I see that the helmet is designed for a head 19cm from ear to ear or smaller :P, then i haven't measured my head yet, but if i have to resize, do i have to resize all the files or just the one with the full helmet?

Thanks a lot for the help and the design.....

I recommend Blender to open and edit STL files, its free.

If you want to rescale to fit your head, rescale the FULL helmet, find out what % you scaled it to - then apply that scale to each part before you print.

So eg, if you had to shrink the full helmet to 96% to make it fit your body - you scale ALL pieces to 96%

Thanks a lot

I download blender and check.
I understand that the result is a bit fragile, so it has to be a bit "bigger", right? then some foam can be added.
I just want the helmet


Comments deleted.

How are you able to sell your 3D prints for so cheap? I am in the process of making a helmet and it is taking 5 hours per print. (thank you for the design :)

I would prefer to simply provide the files for free on everything to be honest, if not for scumbags like Do3D taking files form here and selling them on their site and screwing unsuspecting people over who sadly didn't check here first, everything would be free.

Really awesome stuff here! Started printing out the first few parts, and I had a question about 3, 4, 5, and 6. What is the inner ridge on those parts for? On parts 3 and 4, it's barely connected to the outer shell. Is that like a headband type thing, or an artifact of the modeling process? Thanks!

Comments deleted.

Hello! I think this is a great design and would love to print it, could you please make one that is split into smaller pieces? I have a Monoprice Mini and it only has a 110x110x110 build volume,
Thank You!

Windows has a program called 3D builder. it is awesome for repairing and for splitting up models. If you have windows look into using this free program.

Hi, yeah as Jim said really something you should have in your bag of tricks. I would love to spend 24/7 cutting up files for people - and if I did it for everyone that asked, I would literally be doing it 24/7..

I use blender to cut items manually because I don't have to rely on the constraints that meshmixer has and other programs that like to slice on set angles, like 0', 45, 90' etc. Blender allows me to "K" slice the object and then separate it and then seal the bottom.

I'd recommend downloading the free version of NetFabb or MeshMixer and learning how to split the parts yourself. This type of request comes up often across Thingiverse and it's best to learn how to do what you need yourself when it comes to splitting.

Just bought the full suit and at that AWESOME Christmas price special you have. You freaking rock dude! Now just need to get a hold of that wearable printable Darth Vader costume :-)

Awesome job Geoffro. Definitely supporting you with buying the full suit soon.

Hey Geoffro,

I'm up to part 6 so far and really excited. I tried to put them together roughly to see how it will look but the edges between combinations of part 3-4 and part 5-6 don't seem to flat enough to match. Big gap sits in between. What's the probable cause for this problem?


Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Interesting how defensive you become, just because of the link. Makes me wonder if your work is really worth the money.

Comments deleted.

Could I print this on a 8x9x10 build plate?

Comments deleted.

love it but can i get the chest,shoulder and the leg pieces. (if you even have released them)

Hi, you can purchase the full suit from here

I really want to release the full suit here for free, but within 5 minutes, Do3D or someone like that will take it, slap a $300 price tag on it and sell it. The only way I can combat them is sell suits for 1/3rd their price and stick it to them that way.

Big props to you man, Your models are some of the best out there. I personally really appreciate all that you've done. Ive got zero issues paying for models but your right some people are dishonest and charge wayy to much. Going to click buy now without a second thought, Keep up the good work and great prices!

To an untrained eye it looks pretty good but that first line "401's This may not be accurate enough for you, please look away in case you are offended :)" LOL

Tested have just uploaded an in depth video about the Death Trooper helmet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiQykhvPG-Q

novos helmets are great, very expensive - but they are nice helmets. I guess it's "Do I want to spend $650 on an Anovos helmet pre-made?" or "Do I want to 3D print my own and finish it and be proud that I made a helmet for a fraction of that cost"


Thank you for the reply, you've done a magnificent job with the model. Personally I'd print one rather than buying a pre-done helmet, I get the satisfaction of printing with the results being a wearable/display helmet. Just thought I'd put the Tested link here as it has the measurements (unfortunately in inches) to the official movie scale.

what infill and layer height did you use?

As soon as I've got my print bed leveled out properly, this is being made!

holy cow. This is awesome!

Uh, Part 7 & 8 need a lot of support....

"Supports Required on Parts

Out of interest, roughly how long do we think this will take to print all the bits? :)

Looks stellar, can't wait to print! Thanks again for another great one!

I really wish Thingiverse would feature some of your work, I think they are a bit biased on featuring the same people over and over again sometimes. I guess they want to stay away from Star Wars related content and stick to hokey pokey stuff. No offense to others who have been featured.

Thanks mate, well yeah I'm sure there are alot of designers on here that would love their work featured. It's the people that join the same day, upload 1 make and get featured that gets me fired up, obviously friends in high places :)

awesome! any chance of the full armor?

not on here for free sorry, too many sites selling the files now. Can email me and purchase direct.

Amazing as always Geoffro!! - Just want to ask will you be adding sensor/range finder for the right left side of the helmet?

Is the first image a real photo or a rendering ?

It's a render

If you can get it to look like that once printed and prepped and painting ! it will b a thing of beauty. Nice model Good job dividing up for ease of print.

Damn it! I guess I'm going to have to pick up some more black filament. Yet again, great work Geoffro.

O my gosh, I am soooooooooooo drowning in the awesomeness level here. Great job!

Mate, that is cool. I really like this helmet and wanted one to add to my star wars collection , cheers Jace