Gringotts Coins

by Jtachan Nov 20, 2016
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Just to let you know I remixed your design with metal accurate sizing according to 3 possible values of a knut >> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2591869

Cheers, Trix

Correctly sized Harry Potter Galleons

I just saw it.
Initially I made the coins real size (only diameter) but I scaled all of them because I had many troubles for printing them.
But you did awesome ;)
Thanks for the remix!

Yesterday I printed your design..
But there was seriously gaps in the coins..
If you wanted, I can sent you pictures of my print results.
Thanks and I really liked your design!

Did you have this problem for all the coins or only for the small ones?
I printed them recently (I will upload the picture later) and all three were fine, but at the galleon's size as I recommended in 'summary' in the 'thing detail' section.
If you want to send me the picture I'll also take a look, but try scaling the small coins to the galleon's size (40.6mm of diametre)
I also uploaded a file with all three coins at the same size. This is the one I used to print them

I had trouble printing all three coins ...
However I think they were problems with my printer.
Tomorrow I'll try to print them again, and see what happen. My only doubt is: the drawing in the coins, in your print it's fine?
I'll wait for the pictures of your made.
Thanks for replying Tan_tata_Chan!

Yes, they were fine in my printer.
The picture of the coins is already uploaded as the second picture in the page. They were printed in white (ABS) and they I used spray later.
Also the last STL of all (which I uploaded after replying you yesterday) is the one I used for printing. Try this one instead to see if everything is better.
If the problem may be in your printer maybe you should make a test with a calibration cube. The problem might be the printing temperature being too high.
Did you have any other problems like this one for other designs?

Thank you man!
I printed a Kaiju Coin, and the print was awesome...
I think the problem was my printer, cause I started the print of a Batman thing, and I had to stop the printing twice.
Now, I'm printing again a Batman thing, and everything is Ok.
Tomorrow I'll try to print these coins again.
Thanks for your help until now!

Hello, you have done a really beautiful job for these coins I hope you will soon make the behind :)

Thank you, I'm working on it and only the head of the mage is missing but this one is being really hard to design