Rotary adapter

by airolympus Nov 20, 2016
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I downloaded your files it seems to be damaged.can you upload them again???i need to do some modification to work my encoders


do you have the reference of the encoder you use ?

hi my friend,
in my applications I use ED16112O encoders but you can use any type of encoders of the same size.
In the adapter in the photos I'm using one encoder, one switch of 8 positions and a push-button

Hey, very nice work!

Can you upload a video of it working? It seems do be very hard to turn. Have you tried to build one for this kind of encoder below?

Thanks my friend,
I've build many of those but they are already installed into some devices and it's difficult to take a video. But on the next one I'll build I'll upload one.
If you have build one already and it's hard to turn, then you can rub the parts with sandpaper to make them smooth. The more you'll rub them, the more easy it will turn. You can lubricate them with some oil between the moving parts for better result.
You can use any type of rotary switches or encoders (including this one in the photo you sent). You can also combine them, one switch and one encoder for example in the same adapter. You also can avoid the pushbutton or the second shaft. It's up to you. The tire up in the last photo isn't necessary if you want the shaft to turn easy but if you turn the rotary very fast perhaps it will jump some teeth after a lot of use. Anyway if you put the last tire up, don't tighten it and put it from the opposite side to avoid it's teeth scratching the shaft.

Shit yeah this rules!