6" Rack, Raspberry Pi B

by KronBjorn Nov 20, 2016
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Is there anywhere I could get the files for making the rack itself?

has anyone has modified this to fit the raspberry pi 2 or B+?

i love this so much O.o <3

This is a wonderful design coming together here, but it is sort of screaming for cooling vents and fan mounts. I would think a ras pi running in side would overheat very quickly, but I guess this is a work in progress and its very nice progress. :-)

It is indeed a work in progress :)
I have uploaded some parts with a vent in them. They are aligned, so if you are stacking them, they can share a fan.

Thanks for the comment

Which Pi is this made for? I have Pi 3 but none of the mounting positions line up and it is missing 1 usb connector hole

PiB seems to fit. B+ and newer won't fit.

I have uploaded a pre-release OpenScad file if you would like to take a look, and modify for another Raspberry version.
You should only modify between lines 55-105.
Here you can adjust the pegs, holes and hole positions.

It think it is a B.
I will soon upload the scad files so that you can move the pegs, and change the position and size of the holes.

Did it print alright ?

Yep it came out beautifully, everything looks 100% perfect. Are you using M3 size screws?

I have uploaded an image of the screws I use. I cut them shorter with a hacksaw for the handles.
I think they are M3, but it does not say on the box.

Glad it printed OK.

Awesome, thanks! Look forward to seeing what else you design, will definitely be keeping tabs on it!

I wonder if it's possible to make the case four pieces instead of two. I'm printing in ABS right now and the sides have delaminated because they're so tall and thin. Maybe I need to add some active cooling to my printer...

You should not use any cooling with ABS, if you cool ABS it will delaminate even more. Rotate the model so the flat side is on the bed, and make sure your bed is heated to about 100C. If you can, you should cover the entire printer up with something (blanket, trash bag, whatever) to keep the heat in so that the temperature will remain consistent. This will prevent the delamination.

My bed is 90°C, I couldn't get to 100 when I had my mirror on top and I haven't bothered to adjust it since I've gone to a PEI sheet.

I did print with the large flat side down, I think these sides could be thicker so they get some internal cross bracing from the infill.

I had zero issues with wall thickness, how many shell layers are you using? I used 3.

I used 3 shells as well. Once it's assembled it seems pretty solid so the delamination doesn't matter.

Assembled with M3x8 countersunk screws. The Pi should be installed with M2.5 according to its specs. I sheared off both mounting screws using M3s.

Cooling may be an issue. I have printed one 7U tall, but with 100% direct cooling. (PLA)
You should not print them in the orientation of the .stl files. They can be printed flat down, so this case is only 3cm tall.

I can make one with a thicker wall if needed ?

(splitting it in more parts would require a lot of screws)

Yeah, I rotated it flat :-). Thicker walls would probably help. I'll post pics once the lid has printed.

Looking forward to that :)
I will look at the wall thickness.

Wall thickness is OK, I printed it out and it came out beautifully. Just needs to be rotated flat before printing.

I love this! Can you post the source files so I can adapt the inside to fit an arduino and some other parts??

Sure, they are on the way !
Hopefully this weekend, but the OpenScad files are not quite readable yet :)

Thank you for the interest.

Great, this is an awesome project. Thanks!

This is awesome! Looking forward to the rack inserts (looks like they fit in 2020). I can see creating a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and LCD stack for an OctoPi setup.

This is excellent. My Mpcnc could benefit greatly from this. If you release the arduino+ ramps I'll be printing for sure. Excellent work buddy!! I can see all kinds of uses for this

Thanks for the comment,
The ramps cabinet is on the way, I'm currently printing the last prototypes.


I have scaled down the 19" standard.
The width of the front plate is 155mm, and the width of the cabinet is 115mm.
One Unit is 14mm tall.

This is the cutest item I have seen today.. :)

Is this for Arduino? or Raspberry Pi's?

I eventually post an OpenScad library, so that you can write something like this for a custom 6" cabinet:

// Raspberry Cabinet //

//Common for front, handle, cabinet and lid
screw_bottom_front = [36];//mm
screw_side_front = [];//unit
screw_top = [36];//
print_frontplate_sml = false;
print_handle_sml = true;
print_cabinet_sml = false;
print_lid = false;
print_rear = false;

if(print_frontplate_sml){ //////////////////////// Frontplate //
left = (sixinch-78.5)/2;
low = 34;
square_hole = [[55+5 ,3, 28, 4]];
round_hole = [[105 ,5, 3.4],[110 ,5, 3.4]];
round_peg = [];

if(print_handle_sml){ ///////////////////////// Handle //

if(print_cabinet_sml){ //////////////////////// Cabinet //
round_peg = [[40,35,6,screw_hole,6],

if(print_lid){ /////////////////////////////// Lid //

if(print_rear){ /////////////////////////////// Back plate //
square_hole = [[17+5 ,5, 18, 15] , [38+5 ,5, 17, 17] , [70+8,5,10,3] ];

Yeah sorry,.. :)

It's for the Raspberry. I'm making another for the Arduino with Ramps shield, and I got them confused.

All good, I Like It. Will probably use it for octopi setups for my 3d printers

Do let me know if you need help customizing it further.