Brix' Extruder Fan Mount for Prusa v2

by brix Mar 13, 2012
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I couldn't get any nuts to fit into the slots so its a bit loose but the ducting shape is very efficient, I put an old server fan on it and it cooled the plastic so much I had to swap it for a less powerful fan to stop it cooling the hot end down as well! Could do with some slightly larger slots to grab the nuts but otherwise excellent model!

The nut traps are designed to be push-fit. Balance the nut on top of the nut trap, heat up the nut using a soldering iron and gently push it in place. That way they will not fall out when you remove the bolts.

Perhaps a daft question but do you blow cool air onto the extruder or do you suck hot air away from it?

You would normally blow cool air - not on the extruder itself, but on the extruded material to make it cool faster.

If you point it up too much it will cool the extruder and down too much it will cool the bed. If you put too powerful a fan on it it will cool everything down! Bit of tweaking though and the difference in quality is amazing

A too powerful fan can be reduced using PWM fan control.

hello, i read the source code but i can't find how to specify the distance between fan holes... could you help me? ;)

The model is designed for 40x40 mm fans with 3 mm mounting holes, which should be a standard fit.

I thought this looked familiar! Nice work :)

Thank you for the inspiration! Your design didn't fit my hot-end length, so designed a new one - based on your idea.