FORMA - Napkin Ring

by SimplusDesign Nov 26, 2013
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Any way to make this is to a vase?

scale it down for a nice ring!!! Been wearing mine all day today!

Very nice design...love the shape! =)

Is it bad if I want to resize this to wear on my hand, rather than for a napkin?

I, too, think it would be a cool bracelet xD

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Great design, thank you ! I'm printing it now

Congrats on the Feature!

can you size to correct scale

="thingiverse-b2621ad371fcae42f15e7a2ae8ab8777:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-b2621ad371fcae42f15e7a2ae8ab8777/zowzow Hi! The file is in INCHES. To convert to mm, scale model by 25.4 or use the "Inches -> mm" button in MakerWare.