by joeyhudack Nov 22, 2016
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Can someone give me a tutorial to assemble the xl ?? or video tutorial? Thank you

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Does anyone know where I can find the silver through-hole tactile switches used for select etc.? The Amazon listing is no longer available and the only place I have been able to locate them so far is on RS-Online...minimum purchase quantity of 2500 at a price of £1700 :-(

Update: Found them after trawling 1800 varieties of tactile switch -.- they can be purchased in packs of 10 from RS online here: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/tactile-switches/1769547/

I do not know how to connect the silver touch buttons you can help me. You can help me with a tutorial, to create this great machine ... Thanks

Do you just mean to solder wires onto them? They have four legs - you need to solder a wire to two of those four legs in the case of the ones I purchased above. Do you have a multimeter/continuity tester you can use to test the buttons to see which two legs you need to solder your wires to? I've attached a picture of the orientation they are soldered in.

I did have another issue with the case that I have yet to get around to resolving. If you don't buy the exact same model screen the creator used you may have issues getting the case to close on itself due to the way the case is secured together and the positioning of certain components on the LCD controller board. Screws would have been much neater and would have stayed together nicely but as it is, the case just pops open constantly while I'm using it -.-

Thank you very much, you can send me a photo, to see how everything is connected and distributed pls. or a video. You would help me a lot. Regards!!! many thanks

PD: and another thing, how to hold the button of the photo?

Did you follow the GPIO pinouts listed on the Adafruit tutorial? Did you change the tft buttons to a different pin loc.

Having issues with the pi recognizing the button presses the only one that "works" is the ESC button which resets the system completely, not escapes rom as what is suggested.

Ran the scripts as suggested in the tutorial screen looks good boots up great just no controls :( any suggestions?

Update; I found one wire in the wrong spot for the ESC button.

the more troubling thing is that I used the pigrrl 2 option not the zero option and some of the buttons were recognized but not all here is the list that are not recognized; D-pad Right, Y, L Shoulder, R Shoulder. The reason I find this curious is that its both shoulder buttons and both inside buttons(towards the screen) all others are working the way they should; even navigation is working mostly. Solutions?

If any one runs into this note that the Pigrrl 2 option will work but you will have to change two buttons around. D-pad right moves from GPIO 24 to GPIO 4, and R trigger moves from GPIO 21 to GPIO 26. After I made those moves everything is working great.

The only issue I have with the print itself is the way the two halves go together; frankly it sucks. The bottoms "click" into is way to fragile I would have rather had screw in type but there isn't much room for that Going to be gluing the two halves together I guess.

How’s this working for you? I like how cheap that screen is for its size. Any issues arise?

Hi, Could you post the the ipt or step file? I want to change the battery and charging circuit. Thanks.

is there a list with everything needed for this?

Could you provide me with a wiring diagram please ?

https://learn.adafruit.com/pigrrl-zero/circuit-diagram for the buttons, usb, charging, power.

For screen follow video in description of Thing from greatscott! on youtube.

Beautiful, a question the audio is there or i have to add a chassis if you know where to connect it?



Use this USB adapter. Much cheaper and more sensical than other options.

Hope this helped.

sorry can you give me a pigrrl schematic for raspberry ? or use that adafruit's screen ?

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for. Would you mind trying to phrase your question differently?

I solved I was looking for a schematic to attack the cables on the raspy and I wondered if you had followed some guide

I'm also building this same project, i was just wondering, what Gage wire did you use? And was it braided or solid?

Do not use solid wire. The components are very small and fatigue from solid wire can damage the solder joints over time. I used stranded wire. I used the smallest wire I could find. Everything is very low power levels.