Lego Brick Parametric OpenScad

by stalkerface Nov 26, 2013
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hello. your bricks print best so far out of designs i've tried!

thank you so much for rehabilitating child in me!

to make bricks snap perfectly (printing in ABS @ 241C) i had to modify just one line :

knob_D=6*FLU+0.125; //=4.8mm + 0.1 for a bit larger knobs - thermal shinkage, filament draw, and other correction factors.

do shrink a little - i do not know why , thus this line. i've noticed
very fist layer of knob , laid on top of solid block layer

does have perfect size, just next ones are smaller. it has probably
something to do with thermal shrinking or filament drag (see nophead
blog about undersized holes aswell) . i cannot figure it out and
changing slicer settings does not help so i just hacked your script this

this introduces another problem though, as the very first layer is correct size

(perhaps it bonds to the lower layer so well it does not contract due to thermal shrinking),

after enlarging whole knob this layer blocks brick from snapping in
completely, 0.2mm gap remains :/ it can be fixed with a knife but i
guess more hacking to scad file would be better :)

unfortunatelly this way one embeds also layer height into scad file (to make first layer under-sized).

i see little point in making inner 'holes' into knobs. it just makes
first infill layer messy, blobby and saves no plastic really.

some way to disable it would be nice (excuse me if there is and it's just fault of my poor german ;)