Savage Oppress' Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 Nov 23, 2016
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can i get this as a full one piece model?
thanks for your time..

Yes. The ones that are designed as part of the upper chamber.

I'm in the process of making this and to me it looks great. The size looks accurate according to the pictures I can see online and the details are nice. As always I love that you separate all the colors so I can use different color pla for the corresponding parts. Great work, as usual.

One thing I noticed is that the silver bumps on the upper chamber are supposed to line up with the point on the upper emitter, according to the pictures I've seen. In your version they line up with each other instead. A very minor thing.

Keep up the great work. I love seeing your new designs when they pop up.

Thanks! By 'bumps' do you mean the buttons on the upper chamber?

Would check the files in the download please, Brad. Lower_Chamber_B doesn't look like the piece in the exploded view. It looks like Lower_Emitter_A. Can I just print two copies of Lower_Chamber_A?

I re uploaded that piece, the joints are inversed on either side so its not the same as the Lower Chamber A. I really need to find a better naming system because "lower emitter" and "lower chamber" just ends up confusing me. Thanks for pointing it out.

Not a huge fan of this saber design, but thank you anyway for making it!

No problem, when I first got my printer I was hoping to find all of these different lightsaber designs and just print away. Had to do it myself.

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