by chazman Nov 24, 2016
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So any idea on print time and material needed for this project?

hi have you got the barrel and the little bits to put it together please, apart from that it amazing

Please update with details on light and metal rod!

Is this human sized or Wookie sized at 100%?

Printed this its great!! can you put on the files for the center scope parts please.

Hi, its a great model. May I know the diameter of the shaft?

hi are the rest of the files available only 4 items on the zip file

Video567 try unzipping the zip file inside the zip file. It's all there.

Just recently finished my Chewbacca costume and submitted for Legion approval. I'm printing this out to add to it. Thanks for uploading it. Curious about the parts you used for the flash light as well.

So where did you get the flashlight parts?

and a 25 Inch shaft seems to be to Long !! How long is yours?

Can you please insert the files for the flashlight ?!!
And it Looks awasome !!

There seems to be a substantial number of files missing from this listing. What am I missing?

Hi chazman! I found your epic bowcaster model and am going to be printing it to give to a young lass who was recently helped out by Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, to get her a new set of lungs. I wanted to give her something special so found this design by you and will be gifting it to her once it's done. You can find her on facebook under the tag #littlestwookie. I'll post a picture once it'd done :) Many, many thanks! :) I will also be sending a tip asap :D

Hey,, Sorry for the late reply! that is awesome, great idea. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. I have added a new handle file with "littlestwookie" embossed on the side,, let me know your thoughts.

That's awesome! I have let her Mum know and she's really jazzed about it, thanks so much! :)

Hi there!!!!

Wonderful job, all the parts are comming out nice and smooth with the exception of the Peep.stl.

When I load it into the slicer (simplify3d) it promtps me with a pop-up about the part being extremelly small and it offers me to convert it to milimeters. If I convert it the part becomes huge, if I don't I feel the part is too small (like tiny). What's the right size for that peep part?

Best regards,

I uploaded a new Peep12_1 file. I exported and checked in Cura,, looks correct now. Let me know if you have any issues.

Hi again!

Yes, it looks correct now. I'm printing it right now, I hope I'll get back with the full assembly next monday :)

Best regards,

I love you man.

(insert chewbacca sound here)

this is sweet i'll make one for my mandalorian!