Spinning Christmas Star

by muzz64 Dec 3, 2016
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worked for me did not have to change anything or add support, broke apart easy, cut with CuraEngine, will post pic soon, use tevo tornado printer

So, printed my first one of these, and wondered why it had no top layer, only to discover I'd printed it in vase mode!

The good news is, it still works fine, just a little flexy, and (obviously) hollow on one side. Starting a proper print of it now.

Ender 3, 150mm/sec (with Klipper), 0.15mm layer height, no infill (vase mode, remember).

On the plus side, it prints pretty fast in vase mode...

I've printed four 3star-hanging so far with PLA on my XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini w. First one I printed with rafts but the rafts was a pain to remove from the star. Printed the last 3 without rafts and for me that worked better but I guess it depends on what printer you have.

I used 0.2mm layers, 20% infill and standard speed. One print takes 3 hours to complete.

Since my printer can only print 15x15x15cm the 4star versions are a bit large but I imported them in Tinkercard, rotated 45 degrees, then exported and imported again and now changed the scaling to 99.1% and they end up exactly 15x15cm. Still have not tried printing it, waiting for the 5th 3star-hanging to complete.

So for anyone that wants to print a star as large as their printer allows I recommend rotating the star 45 degrees before scaling it.

Gorgeous - - have two on our tree!

I think it would be very cool to make a 2 colored version for our dual printers.
For example at the 4-star version, the biggest star 1 color, 1 smaller star the second color, the more smaller star the first color again and the smallest star the second color again.

So if I use like red and green it will give a very nice christmas look.

Could you make that?

Thanks for your comment. I can split it into two. stl's easily enough but I don't want to post it as (from past experience) that confuses some people because there are all too many file options. Happy to email them directly to you... just message me your email address plus details again of what you want.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble slicing this file. I've checked it in the original design file and also run my mesh checker over it and found no issues. I've also sliced and printed it on my MakerBot with no issues. The part you highlighted as being an issue is definitely in one piece with the rest of the shaft running through the star. As a suggestion, try rotating it 90 degrees in your slicing app. That will change how the slicer creates the tool path. You could also try scaling it up a fraction (2-3%) as that has helped resolve similar issues people have had in the past with some of my other designs. The issue really comes down to the slicer not interpreting the detail in the design as it needs to... changing its position and/or scale can resolve it. I hope this helps.

Great design, but can you please fix 3star_tree.stl. The bottom round piece it's not connected with the rest and I get non-manifold error in simplify3d. I tried to fix it online without succes.

I printed both hanging ones with no issues

rafts are also nessasary like he says unless u have a very very good calibrated printer as there are small parts that like to pop off the building plate

gotta say this is one of your bigger designs