Amazon Echo Dot V2 Wall/Ceiling Mount

by ChunkySteveo Nov 25, 2016
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Love it!

I feel like it would be better for it to be a little looser, it's easy to add electric tape to make the fit more snug. I've been sanding for 10 min and still not getting it to fit in, and my printer is fairly well calibrated.

Thanks! It's designed to be very tight! A hair dryer can help you loosen the plastic a little and slip the Dot in easier.

nice I'll try the blow dryer, but I'm worried that I won't be able to get it out once it's in there. Which means I won't be able to access the screws to remove it from under the counter when we move apartments.

I might end up printing out this remix that relies on set screws instead of press fit: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2204101

Update: tried the hair drying to heat things and the device still wasn't fitting so I went with the remix - works great, no battle to get it in and the set screws allow you to secure it.

Alexa Echo Dot mount for wall or ceiling

Ahh yes, cool remix!

Nice job, is it for 2nd Gen only? I've got a 3rd Gen. It would have been nice to see you put your Dot in your mount.

Hi, it's a V2 dot mount only (2nd Gen). Ha - At the time of printing and making, I didn't actually have a Dot, I made one for several friends. My home now has three dots though!!!

I think if Amazon had thought ahead to these being mounted on a wall they would/could have put the usb/audio jacks on the opposite side so the symbols would not be upside down with cords running down. No way to design a mount around that.

Haha.. i have always thought that! Sadly they will see more of their life sat on a surface facing us - ao the usb needs to be tucked away at the back! Booo! Haha

Man! Really hard to squeeze her in! Will keep trying with sanding though!

Glad you're finally getting there, as you have found - it does fit, it's just very tight. This design was based off a ceiling mount, so the tolerances had to be next to zero to allow the dot to be held in place with nothing but friction. A well tuned printer and good filament will allow the dot to be pushed in. Most require a little sanding to fine tune it. Some people have even said it was too loose, and use some electrical tape to help pack it in...(!!)

Good to see the thing still being printed though!


Hey chunky! Thanks for this template! It's a nice wallmount for the echo. Could you add a little orientation dot which is flush to some point on the echo? And the hole for the ports is placed a little bit to low.

Hey HaselnuesseTo,

Thanks for the feedback. I was looking to update this remix even further, especially the cable hole being too low. Can you explain adding an orientation dot to the design - I am not sure what you mean?



Printed great on my Prusa i3 MK2! tight fit did require light sanding as noted. I'm not sure if I will be able to get them back out of I ever decide to move them; may need to use a screwdriver in one of the slots.

I used standard U.S. wood screws to mount. they are a bit larger than the holes in the design. I just inserted the screw prior to mounting and spun the screw to friction melt the plastic till it sat flush; worked surprisingly well.

it would also look slightly nicer with a fillet on the outside of the top.


Thanks for the feedback endar, much appreciated! Don't forget to upload your images of the mount as a "Make" for this Thing! Like the idea for a fillet on the outside, would help make it look less chunky!